Sunday, 1 April 2012

Nail of the Day: Juicy Mango Madness (a car manicure!)

I went to my aunts wedding yesterday, and I was planning to paint my nails for the occasion on Friday evening, but by the time I'd gotten everything else ready I was so tired I gave up on the idea. Instead I decided to paint them in the car... (we had a 3 hour journey, I needed something to do!)

I think I've mentioned before that I went to a lot of dance competitions whilst I was at university, and they usually involved applying make up on a coach on the way, so I guess I'm pretty used to trying to keep a steady hand in a moving vehicle- though I'm definitely not the neatest at painting my nails- even whilst sitting at a desk, so I am pleasantly surprised that it went rather well :) I did have to do a little clean up when we got to our hotel, but it was no less messy than me painting slightly lazily, even my right hand! Thank goodness for flat, straight roads!

I also photographed my nails in the car (on the way to the reception!) so that you can see how my nail colour ties in with the colours in my dress: the thin orangey stripe is repeated a couple of times in the fabric, so I picked that as my nail colour- and I think it worked well as it wasn't too matchy-matchy :)

As the title may hopefully have indicated, I used e.l.f. Mango Madness (2 coats) and added 2 coats of Models Own Juicy Jules (which I posted about earlier today) on my ring finger as an accent nail.

Models Own Juicy Jules and e.l.f. Mango Madness

I really love Mango Madness, I was a little worried it would wash me out but it didn't! (though the above pictures do make me look rather pale...) and it's such a fun, bright shade for the Spring and Summer months, I have it on my toes as well (I wore peep-toe shoes) and I think that may be my new go-to toe shade! :)

Have you ever painted your nails in an odd place?



  1. Good job! Looks nice and neat!

    1. Thank you! I know, I'm quite impressed at myself :)


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