Saturday, 25 February 2012

(my sisters) Nail of the Day: Harry Potter Nails!!!

I meant to post this a while back- Amy actually did these nails as an Inspired by a TV Show/Film look (I'm saving Harry Potter nails as a Book inspired look- because the books are so much better than the films!) so these pictures have been hanging around on my computer for some time now...

Amy did a different house on each of her nails, then a Deathly Hallows sign on the thumb. The letters and Deathly Hallows sign are in Barry M Silver Foil Effect and e.l.f. Black. She used a small nail art brush for the lettering and the polish brushes themselves for the stripes.

The Gryffindor colours are No7 I'm Exquisite and e.l.f. Light Red; Hufflepuff colours are Barry M Pale Yellow and e.l.f. Black; Ravenclaw colours are Models Own Pro Midnight Blue and Barry M Silver Foil and Slytherin colours are No7 Dollar and Barry M Silver Foil :)

Have you ever done Harry Potter nails?


p.s. I'm totally unimpressed that the blogger spell check doesn't recognise the house names as real words!!!


  1. I love Harry Potter! I actually did Harry Potter nails during the first week out of the last HP film. Your sister did a good job at the nails! :)

    1. Me too! We're a HP loving family :) Ooh awesome- I'm gonna do them soonish too :) Thank you- she'll be so pleased you think so :)


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