Monday, 20 February 2012

Challenge Week 21: Green!

Well we're onto week 21 of the 52 week challenge, and this week it's green... I have to admit that green is one of my least favourite colours, so I wasn't particularly excited about this weeks theme, but (not one to give up) I picked out a green- then decided to go the whole hog and use it with a gold shade (another of my least favourite colours... mostly because I don't think it suits me!) and added a stamp I've been wanting to try for ages, a fairly simple grid/net design :)

I used two coats of No7 Dollar, a green I actually really like- it's a beautiful deep bottle green with tiny blueish-green shimmery particles on all but my ring finger then used Barry M Gold Foil (I bought this for Amy at Christmas, I'm quite glad I did now! It seems quite cool toned too so it doesn't look too bad on me) to add an accent on my ring finger, then to stamp the net pattern from Bundle Monster Plate BM 209.

And because there wasn't nearly enough glitter involved for my liking... I also added two coats of Golden Goddess (another of Amy's polishes) over my ring finger :) Unfortunately this doesn't show up too well, but I can assure you that in real life my ring fingers are very pretty and sparkly- Golden Goddess is another must-have e.l.f. polish for glitter lovers!

And here are the polishes I used:

No7 Dollar, Barry M Gold Foil and e.l.f. Golden Goddess

Do you have polishes and colours that you don't like on your skin? Or am I just awkward...


p.s. Pancake day tomorrow!- I hope you're going to make some :)

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