Friday, 3 February 2012

Nail of the Day: Pinky Purple- Shadow Matching!

Remember yesterday, when I said that I'd like shade 24 of the Immaculate Collection in a nail polish? Well I decided to attempt just that- I spent quite a silly amount of time (I really should have been doing something more useful with my life) last night and this afternoon swatching polishes to find the right combination, and eventually I settled on these three lovely polishes:

e.l.f. Purple Dream, George Ultraviolet, e.l.f. Pearl Pink

I used one coat of Purple Dream, to give the purple base, then a coat of Ultraviolet- to provide the blue duo chrome effect, and finally a coat of Pearl Pink to give the pink effect :)

It doesn't match up with shade 24 perfectly, but considering I used polishes I already had in my collection is it is a pretty good approximation :) And besides, I absolutely love it! Here's a comparison:

Have you even tried to create a polish shade inspired by an eyeshadow? I quite enjoyed the challenge (any excuse to play around with polish!!!)


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