Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Bundle Monster / Fauxnad Stamping Plate Storage!

I thought I'd share my storage 'solution' for stamping plates with you today. You might have noticed by now that I love to be organised, but (especially since I got my new Bundle Monster set) I've found my plates really hard to store, for ages they were squished inside a pencil case... but after discovering that business card holders are a pretty good fit for plates (thank you Liloo for sharing your knowledge), I feel a lot happier about my storage- and it's so much easier to get hold of the plate I want!

So now I have a lime green file dedicated to my nail art things (aside from the tools that fit into my polish drawers) and it contains my nail wheels and plates- and the papers that go along with them!

The front plastic wallet contains my nail wheels (full post on them can be found here) I know some people like to store them in CD cases to keep each wheel separate, but to be honest I wont be too devastated if any polish chips off, I use these to refer to my collection (and to search for manicure inspiration) not too keep them looking pretty :)

Then just behind that is my stamper collection. I have the 25pc set from Bundle Monster (see the full set here) and a set of 31 fauxnad plates I found on eBay (you can see all of them here) plus one real Konad plate- the famous m57 with the leopard and zebra prints :)

I found my set of business card holders in Ryman- £3.99 for 10, holding 60 plates (or business cards, if you insist!) if you put two in each slot, back-to-back. Be careful when picking out card holders for plates, as some that I saw didn't fit plates in properly (I may or may not have taken a couple of plates shopping with me so I could measure them up in shops...)

Unfortunately the holes punched into the sides are suited for a proper business card holder folder thingy, and wont fit into my A4 file- so I hold the wallets all together with 4 treasury tags, and loop two tags around the ring binder to hold it in the file. I actually quite like them this way as I can remove the plates from the folder and still have the 10 wallets attached to each other :)

Just behind that are the paper stamp references I created by stamping each Bundle Monster stamp- I find it a lot easier to flick through these looking for inspiration than looking through my plates (the images are clearer in black and white!) I'm planning on doing the same for my other plates as love these ones!

And finally, tucked in at the back are the reference papers for my nail wheels- I've listed every polish I own in the order you'll find them on the nail wheel! Take a look at my terrible handwriting...

And that's it- I think it's quite a simple way to store everything, but I've found it very effective- especially because it's so much easier to find things! :)


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