Saturday, 18 February 2012

Review: Superdrug Essentials Eye Make Up Remover :)

I decided it was about time I reviewed this product- it's something I've been using (and loving) for aaaaages and haven't even bothered mentioning, it's one of those things that just does it's job quietly in the background, but I think it deserves it's own little post :)

Since I bought my bottle (a very long time ago now, it's lasted well!) the packaging has changed, I think it's white now (and unfortunately I can't find it anywhere on the Superdrug website, but I have seen it in store) You get 150ml for £1 (again, could be wrong as I can't check on the website), which is very generous and great value for money- especially when you consider how long this bottle has lasted me with regular use, you don't need much to removed both eyes worth of make up!

The product itself is a fairly runny white cream, it's fragrance free so it smells of... well nothing really. The formula is very gentle on my sensitive skin (which is at it's most sensitive around my eyes) and even on particularly irritated skin I've never had any problems with irritation or stinging. (even in my actual eye) It removes make up really well too- everything including eye shadow, under eye concealer, cream eyeliner (which is pretty hard to remove with soap and water, I've tested on my hand) and waterproof mascara- I just massage it in a little then wipe away with a cotton pad; it removes pretty much instantly and without any need to pull at the skin with the pad :)

The one very small problem that people may have is that it does tend to leave a residue on the skin once wiped away, that's not a problem for me as I always wash my face with a cleanser after removing my make up- and I think that most other eye make up removers do the same anyway!

Once I've finished this bottle (I have about 10ml left) I would definitely repurchase and I do recommend it to everyone, it's a brilliant make up remover and it is so lovely and gentle on my skin- and even those with normal skin could benefit from having a very gentle product (just because you can get away with using harsher products doesn't mean you should.) That said I would quite like to' experiment' with using olive oil as a make up remover, so we'll see how that goes.

What do you use to remove your eye make up?



  1. I'm really bad, I usually just use a make up wipe but I'll definitely look out for this next time I'm in Superdrug!

    Jen x

    1. I'd quite like to use wipes instead (so much faster!) but I'm yet to find one that my skin doesn't hate... You should, it's well worth it! :)


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