Thursday, 5 July 2012

A collective haul (3 guesses what I bought?) :)

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday- I did just about have time to photograph things between work and Brownies, but my camera had other ideas (I'm sure my battery only ever dies at inconvenient times!)... and in the end I didn't get home until 9pm, so the light was terrible!

So as I anticipated, working so close to the town centre has encouraged me to do lots of little shopping trips over the past couple of weeks- and I've picked up quite a few very exciting things!

First of all, I've had a lot of luck with my local pound shop- they have Revlon polishes again! Google tells me that these two beauties were part of the Autumn 2011 collection, but I'm certain they were US only- I'd never actually seen them before I spotted them in the shop!

Revlon Catty and Girly

I'm not convinced my pictures are doing them justice, but they are so pretty! Catty is a love shade somewhere in between gold and silver, and Girly is a very shimmery silvery lilac :)

I also found a couple of lovely eyeshadow trios from Collection 2000 - 2 in one packet for £1! I've seen some similar to these before, but generally only colours I would never wear! Perhaps it's thanks to the rebranding as Collection that these found their way into my hands for 50p each?

Total Colour Trio in Zenith & Colour Intense Trio Mocha Choc

I know I have rather a lot of neutral eye shadows (possibly too many...) but I do love these shades, and I know they'll come in very handy for travel (much as I LOVE my MUA palettes- more on those further down- they are on the larger side)

Now for a couple of Boots purchases: If you have an advantage card (which you really SHOULD have, if you buy anything in Boots ever) you probably got the 'say yes to summer' booklet thingy with vouchers in the post, one of the coupons was for a Wild Curls mascara for £1 and obviously I could not pass that up. I generally really like 17 mascaras, and I know I've heard many good things about this one. It's currently still in its wrapper and I'm not planning on using it until my current mascara starts to dry up (no point having 2 mascaras on the go together!) so you'll have to wait a while for my review!

17 Wild Curls Mascara- predictably I chose the Brown/Black shade

On Monday I went on the hunt for Barry M Green Glitter- unfortunately I think it's been discontinued (or maybe I completely imagined its existence?) but I did, however, find something MUCH more exciting!!!

So pretty!!!! It's Barry M Aqua Glitter :) Only my favourite colour in GLITTER FORM! :) I did actually almost squeal when I saw it on the stand...

Lastly from Boots, it's the beginning of the month again, which means August Glamour is out! They're being super generous with yet another freebie- this time skin care products from balanceMe. There are 4 to choose from (face wash, moisturiser, face mask and eye cream) I decided to pick up the eye cream- my skin doesn't really like change with cleansers, and takes a long time to settle in with a new moisturiser, so I figured the best bet for me would be something I will almost certainly use :)

A random primark find next! I've not bought any jewellery in quite some time (I've worn plenty though, so I'm not sure why) but I saw these cute little studs for £2.50 and had to buy them. I particularly love the gold bows, the big green flowers, the clear sparkly hearts and the teeny tiny keys :)

And finally, something you may have guessed that I'd buy- and yes I did indeed run out and purchase it yesterday; the first day of its release- and I'm so glad I did! The MUA Undressed palette is (from what I've seen so far) absolutely deserving of its hype- such a pretty collection of colours, and the great formulation I've come to expect from MUA palettes :) I'm sure I'll post a full review soon- but in the meantime here are some pictures:

What have you been purchasing recently? Are you as excited by the Undressed palette as I am?



  1. I have that collection 2000 eyeshadow trio in the blue packaging, had it ages nearly used the darkest shade up. I don't think you dreamt up the green barry m, perhaps its on the site? I saw the aqua and it is quite nice, think it is similar to a revlon one.

    I keep hearing about these boots things but havent gotten anything in the post yet. I have the mascara you got and I like it :) The undressed palette may have to go on my lust list!

    1. I'm glad to hear it's a favourite of yours too! I have a feeling these trios will get used a lot :) I just checked and it IS on the website- definitely didn't imagine it! Wonder why it's not in stores anymore though :(

      (assuming you mean Radiant) it is similar- but Radiant is blue and green glitters (giving a teal/aqua effect) but Aqua Glitter is 'plain' teal glitter :) Both are super pretty! (I'll compare swatches in a post sometime)

      How odd- I wonder if I signed up to them or something... Thats very good to know, kinda hoping my current mascara dies soon so I can try this one! Definitely get it! It's awesome! :)


  2. Oh wow the MUA pallet has to find its way into my collection! That is literally amazing!

    Lea x

    1. It definitely does! Isn't it awesome, I kept seeing reviews/posts about it from other bloggers and thought it couldn't live up to the hype- but it does!!! :)


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