Saturday, 14 July 2012

Currently Loving and Loathing (better late than never!)

I originally wanted to post this last week, then I planned to do it yesterday, but I'm very busy organising this years Brownie Pack Holiday (it's now less than a month away- so I'm confirming menus and putting together the enormous shopping list and equipment!)

Anyway, better late than never! I will not bore you with the standard things that I will always always love (for example my e.l.f. eyelid primer and cream eyeliner) and instead I've tried my hardest to only include new/ different things that I've really been enjoying recently :)

MUA Undressed palette, 17 wild Metalics in Wild Nude, e.l.f. Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn

I'm sure it will come as absolutely NO surprise that I've fallen completely in love with the MUA Undressed palette- it is stunning and super useful for daytime and evening make up. I particularly love shades 2 and 4 so far, though I'm trying to challenge myself to use all the shades in one way or another.

I've also been relying a lot on cream eyeshadows recently- they make eye make a lot faster when I'm rushing to get ready for work in the morning! They are two fail-safe nudey taupe shades that will always look great on their own. The 17 shadow in Wild Nude doesn't have the best staying power alone (it tends to crease, even with primer) but with a quick swipe of powder shadow pressed over the top it will last all day.

e.l.f. Cream Blush in Seductress and e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush.

Thanks to my new stipple brush (which is still crazy-soft) I've been using my cream blush quite a bit recently. Without the stipple brush it was simply TOO pigmented to work well for me, I really don't need much on my face! The brush allows me to apply it in very thin layers, and it almost gives a 'flushed from within' look :) Because it's a cream product it lasts all day and doesn't have that powdery look that I hate.

I think it's rather unusual for me to feature hair products in my favourites, but these are two that I just had to include. I've had the L'Oreal Studio Straight spray for some time now (I reviewed it over a year ago!) and I still have an almost full bottle, and I still love it! I've been using it a lot recently because I keep leaving the house with damp hair (having run out of time to fully blow dry it) and using this spray eliminates the staticy / flyaway tendencies of my hair when left to dry naturally- and keeps it soft and sleek :)

Likewise, Batiste is a lifesaver for days where my hair is looking past it's best and needs a but of a 'refresher'. I'm nearly running out of this Tropical one- any suggestions for which scent I should try?

I swear these three skincare products have become my Holy Trinity- without them my skin is a mess! As I've mentioned before, work is hard on my hands- I handle a LOT of paper and files etc. so my hands (which are, of course, dry to start with) get very dry during the week. I've been keeping this fast absorbing tube in my bag for use at work and it's awesome- very moisturising and does absorb fast! And I've also been slathering myself in the concentrated formula cream each night before bed.

Rescue oil has also been a staple recently- I've used it on my cuticles and nails (which seem to be the worst affected) as well as my eyelids, elbows and pretty much everywhere else! :)

Olive oil as eye make up remover is still a firm favourite- and I'm certain that wearing make up everyday would be very uncomfortable without it (it doesn't take much to irritate my eyelids, even the sensitive cream removers would irritate after a while!) I've also tried using it in place of rescue oil and it works in that way too (though absorbs slower) I've refilled the 60ml bottle twice since my initial review/rave about it in late march- and my eyelids could  not be happier!

I've not really mentioned it on my blog, but I've been on a bit of a mission to use up samples and old (half empty) products for a while now- they were taking up space and it was pointless to keep them if I was never going to use them! I've also been trying to moisturise my body every day before bed- two little challenges that go hand in hand really.

This black cherry and nutmeg 'body yoghurt' is the one of the last products I have to use up, and I really like it! It's rather old and isn't available anymore (though a regular body lotion with the black cherry and nutmeg scent is) I love the scent and texture- it really is like a cherry yogurt! (I wouldn't try eating it though) The formula is light and sinks in quite fast, but is still moisturising and although it's fragranced it doesn't irritate my skin.

I'm also loving:
  • My Kindle!!!!!! I love it SO MUCH! :) I have a case for it now so I've been taking it to work and reading in my lunch break (especially good as the weather has been icky) I've downloaded way too many books on it, and I'm reading so much more than I was :)
  • Work- I know I've complained about the effect it's having on my skin and I will never be a morning person, but overall I'm really enjoying it- the work is getting more and more interesting and my colleagues are all lovely, hilarious and easy to get along with.
  • Jewellery- for a while I neglected wearing jewellery, but I'm back in the habit again :)

And a few things I'm curently loathing:
  • Not having time to blog- I really really miss writing and posting everyday! But I'm super-busy at the moment, and when I do have spare time I'm usually so tired I can't string sentences together (or reading my Kindle...)
  • Not be able to sleep properly- I don't know why but I seem to be having a bout of insomnia, I just cannot fall asleep :(
  • The weather... again, this is JULY- it should not be this cold and rainy. I hope it clears up for my Brownie Pack Holiday- Brownies get crazy when cooped up inside all day!

What are you loving and loathing at the moment?



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