Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Challenge week 5: Orange!

I think this must be some kind of horrible record for lateness, I painted my nails on Halloween- 2 weeks ago- and am now only just getting to post them. Once again I have been stupidly busy; my friends and I have  just paid a deposit on an apartment, and we're waiting to move in! I've had an awful cold, and I've had family over for the past two weekends. It's been busy and I'm really looking forward to moving and settling into our lovely new apartment (I'll have to post an updated make up and nail polish storage when I'm all set up :) ) and hopefully have more time for blogging!

Anyway, crazy late Halloween nails... Like last years Halloween attempt I couldn't think of just one thing to do, so I did each nail different :)

I used a bright orange as a base on two nails, black on my middle finger, and two shades of white on my thumb and little finger :) Then I added a glittery pumpkin (which reminds me more of Cinderella than Halloween...) a cobweb, orangey gradient (was supposed to be crackle, but it didn't work :( ) a glittery stripe, (which reminds me of Beetlejuice) and a cute little ghost- my favourite :) It was all very simple- the stripers were brilliant- and I enjoy glitter in any colour!

Left: Wet 'n' Wild Orange Creme, nail art pens in green, orange glitter and black.
Right: Models Own Snow White, Revlon Aloof, e.l.f. Black and Avon Sahara

I know I'm super-late, but did you do anything for Halloween? I went to Brownies and we played traditional games- apple bobbing was a hit (a lot of the girls got soaked...)



  1. I did waay too many halloween nails this year! Good luck for the move!

    1. Haha there's no such thing! Thank you so much- it's proving kinda stressful, but mostly I'm just REALLY excited about it!!!


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