Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Collective Haul (part 2)

So here is part 2- time for all of my skin and haircare related purchases :) (Click here for part 1- make up and nail polish!)

Firstly, I went a bit mad with a Body Shop order- there was a 50% off code, and I basically couldn't help myself! I really love their shower gels, and I took the opportunity to stock up a little!

The Body Shop body wash/shower gels in Cocoa Butter, Spiced Pumpkin, Chocomania, Coconut and Shea Butter. 

The spiced pumpkin and chocomania smell particularly amazing (the chocolate one smells JUST like melted chocolate, it's delicious!) but I love them all- unlike many other shower products the scents are fairly natural (as in true to the real scent, not necessarily chemical free) and have a very small amount of SLS, along with some lovely moisturising ingredients, so they make my skin happy too :)

I also stocked up on some shampoo and conditioner, Boots had an autumn 3for2 offer, and I repurchased 2 tubes of Loreal EverStrong shampoo, as well as a full-size Aussie 3 minute miracle (for long hair)- I love both of these products so much!

Once again I found myself out of moisturiser, and totally unsure of what to buy- for almost everything else I have found a product that works really well for me that I want to repurchase over and over again, but I've not found a moisturiser I love yet. In the end I picked up this one, and I do rather like it- it's fairly cheap and cheerful, though again, I'm not sure I'd repurchase.

And finally, to lip products- I've been a bit of a lipbalm junkie again, I have 3 new lovelies to show you (but with good reason, because my lips are SO dry at the moment! I hate winter! I think I actually have eczema on lips :( )

 First of all, included in my Body Shop order was this delicious Mango Lip Butter- it smells really yummy (a lot like fresh mango) and works really well too :)

I spotted these in Boots and simply HAD to get one, I love the EOS lip balm- the shape is just so cool- and I really enjoy minty lip balms! £4.99 is a bit on the higher side for me, but I used some Birthday money and I think it was worth it as I really like the formula too.

And lastly, the one flavour of Carmex I was yet to try is the strawberry tube, I saw it on sale in Superdrug and couldn't resist :) It really smells like something edible (but not fresh strawberries!) but I can't put my finger on it... perhaps tinned strawberries in syrup...?

Have you been buying much recently?



  1. What an awesome haul!!! I <3 The Body Shop! :D

    1. Me too- especially when there are sales on! :)


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