Sunday, 8 June 2014

My month has been mainly spent:

As I've mentioned quite a few times over the past few posts and on Twitter, my lovely boyfriend Dale moved in with me in May- so as I'm sure you can imagine it's been a rather busy month:

This month I have mostly been:

  • Dismantling, lifting, carrying and putting together lots of big heavy furniture - we had to move Dales bed, mattress, desk and bookcase out of his old flat.
  • Being very very grateful I drive an estate car. I have NO idea how people with tiny boots move their stuff! When the back seats are down in my trusty old Ford Focus Estate there's plenty of space to lie a full-height bookcase flat on the 'floor'!
  • Taking many trips to the local tip- mainly for old furniture, lots and lots of recycling and random stuff that Dale hadn't gotten around to throwing away yet (like a broken PC moniter and 2 old lamps)
  • Listening (and singing a long to) to A LOT of 80's rock- it was our moving soundtrack
  • Holding ladders- Dale expertly painted one of the walls in our new bedroom (gorgeous purple shade, will show you soon!) and the walls are about 10ft high; we borrowed my dad's wooden ladder and Dale wasn't too happy about how old it looked.
  • Moving furniture, looking at it, and moving it back.... We went through quite a bit of trial and error but I think we have everything almost where we want it.
  • Eating a lot of carrots and houmous! It's once again my go-to snack :)
  • Visiting IKEA!!! I love IKEA, although it was kinda stressful this time- we took my sister and grandma (who would never forgive us if we went all the way without inviting us) on a busy Saturday and had quite a big list of things we wanted to look at and buy. We came out with almost everything we wanted, except new bedside cabinets (we like these MALM ones in grey) but they weren't in stock :( plus some things we didn't know we wanted (like ice cube trays and storage jars)
  • Playing Sims 3- I'm properly addicted at the moment (I have an awesome family going right now)
  • Cleaning, hoovering, dusting, washing etc. Dale's flat needed a good scrub down before he returned the keys, there was mould behind a couple of wardrobes and the carpet under his bed hadn't been hoovered in a disgusting amount of time... And we also gave our flat a big old deep clean too- as we had essentially emptied both bedrooms and bathrooms at one point. So. Much. Cleaning. But totally worth it, both Dale and I are clean freaks to some extent.
  • Baking mugs.... this one is listed under 'really weird things I do for Brownies'- my Brownie group decorated ceramic mugs with acrylic paint, and when I got back from our meeting I couldn't resist trying one myself- so I made a couple for Dale (as part of his birthday gift)

These 3 pictures show a Magic: The Gathering themed mug- a card game that Dale loves. I'm not a huge fan but I quite like how the mug came out.

I love love love this one- if you've seen Marvels Agents of Shield you'll recognise the logo- and it's a show that we both really enjoyed :)

I know they're FAR from perfect, but I'm pretty impressed with how they came out, even with my limited art skills :) 
  • Reorganising almost everything I own- make up storage, kitchen storage (now we own 2 sets of almost everything things had to move around) our bedding,- basically everything.
  • Loving honey masks :) I've got a post about these in the works- watch this space!
  • Visiting Dale's family in Scarborough. It was his birthday in May and we took a trip to Flamingoland (a theme park zoo hybrid, it was awesome) and had a nice relaxing weekend with their adorable, but mad dogs.
  • Having in-depth conversations about curtains. I feel like a proper grown-up now.
  • Drinking a lot of cold brew coffee- I've made a couple of batches this month, and now it's getting warmer it's a lovely drink for after work or lazy weekends (not that I've really had one of those...) 
  • Spending far too much money! On furniture, bedding (at Dales insistence we got fancy 180 Thread Count bedding from BHS, and in his defence they are pretty awesome) paint and all kinds of other stuff. It's slightly annoying because I'm supposed to be saving up for my trip to Texas in July, but I think I'll still be fine if I try and remain thrifty for the next month!
  • Watching the end of many TV seasons- I hate that everything seems to finish at about the same time. Dale and I are rewatching Star Trek: Voyager instead :)
  • Trying, and failing, to paint my toenails. As it's been warmer I've started to break out the sandals from their winter hibernation- every time I wear them I think 'ooh I must remember to paint my nails' but have I done it yet... no!
So what have you been up to in the past month?


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