Sunday, 22 June 2014

Photography Challenge #4- Green

It's been a while since I posted a new photography challenge theme- I thought it was about time!

I thought this would be one of the most difficult challenge themes for me to do- green really is one of my least favourite colours, and I thought I'd have nothing I cared about enough to photograph. However the more I thought about it and the more I looked around my flat, the more I realised that there are definitely SOME things I like that are green, so instead of one picture or one item for this theme- I created a little collage of things that I like that happen to be green :)

First up is a brochure for the Curve Theatre- I love going to the theatre and they have some brilliant things coming up (Rent and The Sound of Music!). Second is, obviously, lots of nail polish- green may be one of my least favourite colours but I still have lots of green polish! You may be able to see a teal and mint green theme (I do actually really like those shades a lot)

A couple of beauty/skincare items are included; I'm really liking this hot cloth cleanser at the moment, and my Balmi lip balm is starting to run out (I may have to repurchase, but I'm holding out for some of EOS balm purchases in the US)

The keyboard actually belongs to Dale, it's a fancy pants gaming keyboard (which I think cost quite a silly amount of money... though that's coming from me, who is quite content with a £5 keyboard from Argos!) and one of the most interesting features for me (I'm easily pleased, and don't care about features that aid gaming in anyway) is that you can change the back-light colour of the keys! The only PC game I play is Sims 3, but I do quite like several XBOX games- I find Forza and GTA hilarious (I'm terrible at both, I just like driving around like a loon) and of course I love love love  playing Rockband!

I discovered these cable tidies fairly recently (I included them in a recent wishlist post), and I'm kind of obsessed with them- they are brilliant for holding up phone and kindle chargers, so you can leave it to dangle off a desk without it dropping onto the floor and getting lost.

The ice cube tray was another of our 'totally necessary' purchases from IKEA- I love the star shape, and we also have hearts, flowers and long sticks :) I've been liking lime squash recently, it's not really really sweet like most squash and it's nice and refreshing on a warm day.

I'm sure there are more things that I could have included- but I think 9 pictures is enough for one theme!

Do you have any favourite green things?


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