Sunday, 29 June 2014

Products I've used up #1

I love reading/watching other peoples empties posts- I think it really does show what products people like enough to use up completely, rather than getting bored and switching to something different.

I've had a little basket sitting on my 'make up desk' for just over a month now- and I've collected quite a few empty containers- some products I've gone through multiple times, and some are new(ish) finds.

First up is a dry shampoo- I love Batiste; it's reasonably priced and really does the job to refresh my hair so I don't need to wash it every day (full review here if you're interested). As the bottles last me quite a while (probably 4 or 5 months) I always seem to find new scents in stores by the time I need a new one- I really enjoyed the Oriental scent of this one- quite floral and spicy (I'd actually quite happily use a perfume in the same scent) and I have a new one (in a scent which is apparently called Monochrome...Smells good though!)

Next is another product I've used several tubes of in the past- I love both of the hot cloth cleansers from Superdrug (I've reviewed the Vitamin E version here, and I think the Naturally Radiant version is very very similar, but with a different scent) and I'm not sure I'll ever stop using hot cloth cleansers :)

Once again, another HUGE favourite of mine; the Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream- I have no idea how many of these lovely tubes I've used up, it's a lot! I always buy this hand cream when it's on sale (I'm sure it's included in a Boots 3 for 2 at least once a year) and it really helps keep my dry hands happy.

I'm rather fussy with my conditioner- I have rather fine hair and I hate that heavy, weighed down feeling with some conditioners. Aussie is a brand that I do really like, particularly their conditioners and this is a lovely one (I think 3 Minute Miracle has a bit of a cult following, and for good reason) - I would definitely repurchase this :)

I've got quite a collection of body butters- from both Boots and The Body Shop- I love them! I tend to use just one tub at a time (partly because I like to leave a tub out near my bed so I can try and remember to moisturise every day!) and this Boots Extracts Brazil Nut butter was lovely. The Boots Extracts are a little cheaper than The Body Shop ones (at £8 for 200ml, The Body Shop are £13) though both are regularly on sale, and I think that they are quite similar. If I ever run out of my body butter supply (I think I have about 4 full 200ml tubs) I would happily repurchase another from this range.

I really love the e.l.f. Eyelid Primer, without primer eye shadow tends to cling to dry patches on my lids and look awful... I think I do prefer the Golden shade at the moment (I'm wearing lots of gold and bronze eye shadows so I feel like the golden one goes better) this one in Champagne is also lovely.

I think I've used almost all of the Natural Collection mascaras by now- this is the LashDefinition in Brown/Black. I'm actually not very fussy with mascara, I have long straight lashes that are quite light so as long as it can hold a curl and provide a little separation and colour to my lashes I'm happy! This mascara has a standard small spooly kind of wand and for me the formula was good- not too wet (which doesn't usually hold a curl for me) or dry (which I find can be flaky) so I would definitely repurchase this too- particularly as it was only £1.99!

So what have you used up recently?

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