Sunday, 6 April 2014

Photography Challenge #3 - Self Portrait

I've never really been one for selfies- partly because I've only recently had a camera in me at all times, but also because I tend to prefer taking the pictures. It's not that I mind having my picture taken (I love it really) but I often think selfies just aren't that flattering. I contemplated trying out ways to set timers and work with mirrors to set up lovely shots, but in the spirit of the challenge I decided to try it- and see if I could did some pictures I take of myself that I like.
With the popularity of the 'no makeup selfie' I thought I'd include a couple (in pictures 1 and 3 below I'm wearing no make up, and in pictures 2 and 4 I've got my regular daytime face on- eye makeup, concealer and blush- no foundation) 

People have had some rather extreme reactions to the 'no makeup selfie' trend- that women should never wear makeup in the first place (how horribly judgemental, I hate that some people think they can decide what other people choose, or choose not to, put on their face!) or that it's not doing anything at all to raise awareness or money (which I think Cancer Research UK would disagree with, I'm sure I've read that they've raised over 2 million pounds since it started) but I personally agree with anything that helps to raise money- even if it's an internet fad that some people take part in without really getting the point of the trend. 

Then again I think everyone has that annoying 'friend' who posts a no makeup selfie on Facebook with a caption that reads something like 'This is my no makeup selfie, but I think I'm so naturally beautiful I never ever wear makeup anyway, so it's really just a regular selfie' (paraphrased, mostly
- but I hate these people! It's awesome that you look lovely completely makeup free, but being comfortable with your naked face doesn't make you a better person, or a better woman, or a better feminist or whatever they think; comments like that make you a bitch, and people who choose to decorate their face with cosmetics are just as beautiful as someone who is 'natural'. /end rant)

Anyway I think it turned out mostly successful, through a great deal of trial and error, and I did get a couple of pictures I like :)

I look rather dishevelled in this one, I've just walked back to my boyfriends house from town (about 1/2 hour) in the windy, rainy, classic British weather.

I love this picture- I'm not really sure why, but I think it looks cool. It is not edited in any way (apart from cropping slightly) and the blurry effect is caused by an accidentally blurry camera lens- which really confused me for about 5 minutes after I took it!

So there are my self portraits!

What do you think of the 'no makeup selfie' trend?


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