Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review: Nivea Creme

As I mentioned in a couple of posts this year (my eczema and 2013 favourites in particular) I discovered Nivea Creme last year and it has fast become a firm favourite and an absolute skincare essential- I thought it deserved a proper review.

Nivea Creme has been around since 1911 and has become one of those cult products that everyone who uses it will always swear by. The stereotype is that everyone's Grandma is a lifelong fan but I think there must be a very good reason it's still going strong over 100 years later! 

It is available in a couple of sizes- I have the 200ml, but there's a 50ml size which I think would be a lot more practical for handbag use (I've depotted some of mine into a separate little container so I don't have to tote around the bulky 200ml tub I have! The 200ml is around £3.50 and the 50ml is around £1.50- though I've seen both on sale for a lot less. (I bought my 200ml for £2 at Morrisons)

I the product itself is a pretty thick cream, but I think it has a kind of fluffy, whipped texture: think non-sticky marshmallow fluff... And although it is thick it does sink into the skin pretty fast provided you only use a small amount (it can be greasy and take longer so sink in, but I think that's often the price you have to pay for decent moisturisation) As I've said before I get the driest skin on my hands, so it's important that I can apply a product that allows me go straight back to working or whatever I'm doing without leaving super-greasy marks on everything.

The ingredients are fairly simple- with mineral oil being the main moisturising component, and although there is some fragrance it definitely does not irritate my skin- even on patches of eczema or around my eyes. Because of the fragrances it does have a scent to it but I don't think it's a very strong- it's vaguely citrusy/fresh smell that I actually really love.

I've never had any issue with Nivea Creme clogging my pores or making my skin feel oily (though, again, I usually have very dry skin) even when I've used it all over my face at night. I've also used it like a moisture mask- slathering on a thick layer, leaving it for a while then gently removing the excess- which is lovely)

Nivea Creme is advertised as being fully multipurpose product, for use on basically anywhere your body that needs moisture. I mainly use it on my eczema patches, all over my face on particularly dry days, as a makeshift eye cream (my eyes are always the driest part of my face) for dry elbows and knees etc. though I would definitely use it anywhere on my body if needed- it would probably make a good alternative to body butter if you needed it!

Overall I have to say I really do love Nivea Creme- I'm sad it took me so long to discover it! I love that is so multifunctional and richly moisturising, I use it for so many things and would definitely be lost without it!

Have you ever used Nivea Creme- what do you think?


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