Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Comparison: Sanctuary Vs Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleansers :)

As promised, here is a quick, comparison of the two hot cloth cleansers I've tried- as a summary of my full reviews (linked below) - I hope you find it helpful (any questions, let me know in the comments!) :)

Vitamin E Cleanser-

  • Very gentle on my skin- even on dry/irritated patches!
  • Has a softer muslin cloth- which is gentler and easier to use.
  • Doesn't break me out or cause any skin issues
  • Cheap! Even at £5.99 I think it's reasonable for 200ml
  • Smells lovely (to me anyway)

  • Probably not so good for oilier skin
  • Sometimes hard to get hold of (Superdrug needs to stock it properly!)

Sanctuary Cleanser-

  • Doesn't break me out or cause any skin issues
  • Fairly gentle on my skin (though not when it's feeling irritated)
  • Would be good for those with oilier skin
  • Provides good exfoliation

  • Smells a little odd (to me anyway)
  • More expensive
  • Less gentle muslin cloth
  • Can be too harsh for dry/sensitive skin

Overall I would recommend the Vitamin E cleanser for those with drier and more sensitive skin, and the Sanctuary cleanser for those with oilier skin :)


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