Monday, 8 October 2012

Challenge Week 52: Grey!

Although the challenge officially finished last week- as I am posting my final week today it feels like it's only just ending. What a year I've had! I'm hoping to get my 52 week challenge tab at the top of my blog up-to-date so that you can look at my year of nail art, and I can only hope that it looks like I've improved in that time!

That said, you know I'm challenging myself to another year of weekly challenges, so I won't miss the themes!

The final theme in (last years) challenge is the last of the simple colours ones, grey. As easy as it would be to slip in something 50 Shades of Grey related, but let's face it- the book is terrible. Instead, I wanted to show off the (perhaps excessive) selection of grey polishes I have (WHY do I love grey so much?) and do an ombre :)

I think my two middle colours (George Witchcraft and Models Own Grey Day) are a little bit too similar- and depending on the light, in the wrong order.... but I love them anyway :) Unfortunately I can only keep them for a day, because I am absolutely determined to catch up with the 1st week of the new challenge, and do get week 1 (taping) painted and posted a.s.a.p.!

Revlon Aloof, China Glaze Pelican Grey, George Witchcraft,
 Models Own Grey Day, Barry M Grey

I sort of feel like it's the end of an era- a whole year of nail art! I hope you've enjoyed it, and get ready for another year! :)



  1. T'was a fun year doing this challenge! :D

    1. It was! I'm glad you enjoyed it too :)


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