Thursday, 25 October 2012

Challenge Week 3: Inspired by Reddit!

Once again, I'm behind. I've become useless at this blogging thing, and I'm sad because I miss it! Anyway, this weeks (last weeks...) theme is Inspired by Reddit.

It took me while to think of a design for this week, but eventually I decided that I'd like to try water marbling again- something I know I NEVER would have tried if it were not for the lovely RedditLaqueristas and the 52 week challenge forcing my to attempt it.

The colour choice was fairly easy; the Reddit colour scheme is blue and orange- so I picked the two closest matches (Models Own Fuzzy Peach and Primark Cornflower) and used those. I got a bit impatient with the water marbling (I didn't use a base colour, the thumb came out bubbly, and then I spilled water all over my table...) so I alternated a bit with an upvote arrow nail, and a downvote arrow nail :)

And here are my 3 polishes- I cannot recommend the nail art pens enough, SO useful! :)

Models Own Fuzzy Peach,  Nail Art Pen in Black, Primark Cornflower. 

Are there any websites that inspire you? (I considered doing a combination of Reddit, blogger and twitter- my 3 most visited websites! but I couldn't think of a way to make it work!)



  1. God I'd never have the patience to do that! Kudos to you!

    Lea x

    1. Hehe thanks, it didn't actually take all that long (water marbling is only a bit slower than regular painting, and the nail art pen made the arrows really speedy!)


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