Saturday, 29 September 2012

Challenge Week 50: Newspaper Nails!

AKA- the latest 52 week challenge post yet.... I have a very good reason though- I was off work with flu for the whole of the week-before-last, and as a result last week was very very hectic because I was trying to catch up with a weeks worth of work! (and I didn't feel up to doing anything other than sleep in the evenings)

So sorry, once again, that I'm so terribly late- we're actually on week 52 by now, but anyway- Newspaper nails! I'm sorry to say that this is probably my biggest fail yet- I couldn't get the print to transfer onto my nails properly. Please give me tips!

I used Revlon Aloof as a base for this, because I think that the off-white shade is more newspaper coloured than plain white- and the colour is beautiful, with a slight shimmer in it :) The actual newspaper printing didn't go too well, but I do really like the effect so I'll have to try it again sometime!

I hope to be able to post challenge week 51 and 52 very soon- I think there is going to be another year of challenges starting and I want to be all caught up!

Please let me know your tips for newspaper nails- I clearly need all the help I can get!

Once again, I'm so sorry for being a totally AWOL blogger, I wont let it happen again!!!




    You need to practice the length of time you hold the paper on for. And make sure your fingers are very vodka / spirit-y x

    1. Ooh thank you! That's really helpful :)I really must try it again soon (get back on the horse as it were)


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