Saturday, 23 June 2012

Review: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer :)

I picked this concealer up after reading many rave reviews about it, and decided I needed to try it out for myself! I'm very glad I did because not only is it a great concealer, it's the best colour match I've ever been able to find for my skin! :)

It costs £4.19- a total bargain- and is available in 4 shades (I have the lightest shade, Fair) but I don't think the 'Deep' shade is very dark, so it might not be a good choice for those with darker skintones. It's a shame that the colour range isn't very wide, but I'm very glad that it is pale enough (and cool toned- I've come across so many concealers that look orange on my skin!) for me.

The packaging is nothing exciting, and after just over a month almost all of the black writing has rubbed off the tube- it doesn't really bother me as I wont forget what it is and it doesn't affect the product inside- but I guess it could really annoy some people.

The tube has a doe foot applicator which isn't usually my favourite for products like this. However it does actually work quite well for any blemishes and small patches I want to conceal; I can easily use the tip of the applicator to (accurately) dot a small amount on, then blend with my finger. For my under eye circles I find it easier to take a small amount on my finger and apply and blend with my finger.

The formula is the main selling point for this product itself- it is brilliant! It has quite a thick creamy texture which is very well pigmented. Despite the thick texture it is very easy to blend (I always use my fingers, so perhaps the warmth helps- let me know if you have a different experience using a brush to blend), and once blended it does maintain great coverage. After a few minutes it does set, and after that it will NOT budge.

The concealer doesn't cling to dry patches (of which I have many) and instead covers them well, and it does an equally wonderful job at covering blemishes, red patches and under eye circles.

It does last well on my skin- though not the full 16 hours the packaging claims. I wear it everyday for work, and after about 9/10 hours it is still there providing some coverage, but it generally doesn't look as fresh as it did when first applied- it can look a little dry (though not flaky or bad- just like it's dried out a bit- and it's only noticeable up close) and if I'm going out again I do retouch a little. That said- 10 hours is an awesome staying power!

Overall I absolutely LOVE this concealer, I know I'll never buy anything else now! And I really recommend it to everyone. It is brilliant for those of us with drier skin (so many other concealers cling and make dry patches even more obvious!) and I'm sure that the super staying power will work well for those with oilier skins too :)

Have you tried this concealer? What's your favourite?


p.s. Why is it always Fridays that I never manage to post- I had a crazy busy day at work then went stright out to for a friends birthday- I didn't get home until 1am and I was so exhausted I slept for about 12 hours!!!


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