Thursday, 10 May 2012

If money were no object... (#9)

Sorry if you missed me yesterday, I had another crazy busy day- and then I didn't get home from Brownies until 9.30 (I've still not seen this weeks Apprentice!) as we we had a planning meeting afterwards... I wanted to do this post yesterday, but I ran out of time :(

Anyway, onto my wish list- I've been virtual shopping again!

First of all, I think I'd quite like some curling tongs- I like the way my hair looks curly, but naturally my hair is very straight, and generally refuses to stay in any shape but poker straight... so I'd need some pretty heavy duty tongs to make my hair stay curled! The only time my hair has held a curl well it was with my friends ghd straightener.

Unfortunately for me ghd's are kinda pricey, the beautiful purple one (from the Peacock collection) is £119! And I can't even guarantee I'd be any good at curling my own hair!

Next up is Greys Anatomy- yet another show that is about to finish (there is going to be a next season though, thank goodness!) and I'll really miss it! I love a good hospital drama, and as I've already rewatched the whole 7 seasons, I know I'll probably end up watching it again- (I love the older seasons with George and Izzy) and I'd love to have the box sets!

However, DVDs are fairly expensive, and it's not exactly necessary as I have all of the Greys Anatomy episodes on my computer (taking up quite a bit of space)- but one day they shall be mine! :)

I've been playing a lot of Sims again recently (I go through stages of not playing for months, then playing a lot!) and it has reminded me how much I'd like to have Sims 3! I've played it once at a friends house, and it's a lot of fun, but I don't think my computer would be able to handle it properly (memory and speed is an issue...) and again, I don't think it's entirely necessary, as Sims 2 is awesome, and I probably need no more encouragement to play games!

And finally- a fun, and almost definitely unrealistic wish: A TARDIS! Imagine how much fun it could be (especially if The Doctor were with you) I've been reading a lot about the next Doctor Who series recently, so I'm all excited about it- and I think I actually had a dream involving a TARDIS last night :)

But until The Doctor comes for me, if I ever get myself a Kindle, I'll be using this cover:

What have you been lusting after recently? :)



  1. I have just started watching Greys Anatomy on DVD (I have just started season 3) and now you tell me that its gonna end? NOOOOOO. It is soooo good. just when you think its plodding along BAM theres a twist. Can you tell I love the show?
    And that TARDIS Kindle cover? AMAZING. I want a kindle just for that cover.

    Sorry Im a bit excited


    1. Well season 8 is just finishing, but it's been confirmed that there'll be a season 9- it's not over yet!!! It awesome isn't it! I love rewatching the older episodes :)
      Haha yeah me too- that cover is beautiful! (though I;d really quite like a kindle too)


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