Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nail of the Day: Stand Back (I'm Going to Try Science)

Every time I hear the words 'Stand Back' I always think of this awesome XKCD t-shirt (inspired by this comic) so I couldn't help but name this NOTD post after it, seeing as I chose to use my newest No7 polish purchase- Stand Back.

I knew this polish would be next on my nails when I bought it- I love this shade; it looks so different in different light conditions- sometimes a beautiful deep teal (which sadly doesn't show up too well on camera), and sometimes a bright turquoise shade that reminds me of swimming pools! :) I have to say the formula isn't quite up to the usual No7 polish standard, it was a little draggy- but definitely still gave good results and I think it's worth it for the shade :) I think it's a fairly new release from No7, and as they have the £5 off No7 vouchers in Boots at the moment it's well worth taking a look at this one (which is only £2 with the voucher)

As I so often do, I couldn't leave the my nails (lovely as this polish is) plain and I added a stripe of Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat along the left edge of my nails. I've seen a couple of manis from various people with designs and stamps along one side of a nail so I've done a similar design same in glitter- I've dubbed it the sideways french manicure!

Apologies for the terrible condition of my cuticles, would you believe I've spent all day dousing them in cuticle oils- they didn't respond at all, my cuticles are not happy! :( Anyway, don't let them distract you from the pretty polish:

Have you ever tried a 'sideways french'? Are you content with simple manicures or do you find any excuse to add extras like I do?


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    1. Me too! I'm annoyed that the pictures wont show it looking more teal though- it's really awesome how different it looks depending on the light :)


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