Friday, 9 March 2012

(my sisters) Nail of the Day: Simple Green and Gold

Here's another of my sisters manicures, her nails look so lovely at the moment and I am SUPER jealous- they're so long and neat and strong! (damn her!) This is a really simple look, and she got the idea from my Green week of the 52 week challenge- she just used e.l.f. Teal Green, and Barry M Gold Foil as an accent nail. Apparently it's 'cool' nowadays to have a ring finger accent on one hand, and an index finger accent on the other (according to 14 year olds at Amy's school anyway!) but I only photographed one hand (sorry.) Also the pictures were taken a couple of days after she painted them so apologies for the chips.

And see how much nicer gold looks against her skin tone? It's funny how different we are really- most of the time we look absolutely nothing alike (I'm blonde and fair with blue eyes, Amy is olive skinned with brown hair and brown eyes) but when you look at pictures of us both at similar ages we do actually look pretty similar; it's very odd :)

I love this colour combination- I think gold and green really go well together (just not so much on my nails) :)

Are there any colours you avoid on your nails?



  1. This colour is insane x Love it but maybe more for my toes than fingers xx
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    1. Yeah it is rather bright- I must try it on my toes! :)


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