Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I've been buying things again :)

Over the past week I've bought rather a lot of stuff- I have some nail art things on their way in the post (I'll show you them when they arrive) but what I'm showing today are the items I picked up from my Boots order and some other from Superdrug and Boots- there's lots of exciting things!

First of all I'm super-happy that Loreal have brought their EverStrong range to the UK, they are currently on 2 for £9 in Boots so I picked up two bottles of shampoo in the Reinforcing & Vitality variety- that I've already tried and reviewed.

Next up are a couple of nail polishes- I had to buy a Barry M Croc Effect for my sisters friend (it's her birthday) and as Barry M polishes are on a 'buy two and save £1' deal, I thought it would be rude to not pick up a polish for myself. I decided upon Peach Melba as I've seen and heard so about it recently- it must be popular for a reason! And it's not at all similar to any other polishes I have.

Barry M Peach Melba and
No7 So Simple

And because of the Barry M purchases I got a £5 off No7 voucher, which naturally I had to spend... So Simple caught my eye on a shopping trip last week and I love the look of it- a pinkish nudey shade. It's odd though because I'm sure I've never seen it instore before (and I know the No7 polish stands rather well) but it's not a new shade as Google search brings up NOTD posts from last summer. Maybe Boots only sells it in Spring/Summer months? (answers on a postcard!)

I stumbled upon a total bargain in Superdrug today- Sally Hansen Insta-Grip was on sale for 49p!!! I couldn't believe my eyes and accosted a member of staff to double check the price for me- obviously I couldn't not buy it for that price, especially as it was one of those I considered when looking for a base coat a while back. I'm interested to see how it compares to my current base coat (Sally Hansen Double Duty) though as it's Sally Hansen (a brand I rather trust) I can imagine it being brilliant, and WELL worth 49p!

Sally Hansen Insta-Grip

I ordered several Maxfactor items from Boots online- mainly because I was a little desperate to get hold of Fantasy Fire! I picked up two bottles of Fantasy Fire (one for me, one for my sister) which I will show you sometime very soon (I think my next NOTD post)- I did want to show you today but I couldn't get my camera to capture it properly and I really hate publishing pictures I don't like- so I'll try again in proper daylight (I tried at about 5pm today and it was nowhere near bright enough!) and do the beautiful polish justice :)

I also picked up a Colour Elixir Lip Pencil- I've been wanting to dry a new lip pencil for a while (I have an e.l.f. one but I don't like it too much) and as maxfactor have a free gift with £12 purchase I figured I may as well give them a try. So far I really really love this pencil, it applies really smoothly and absolutely will not budge (the swatch on my hand has lasted about 2 hours now- lasting through several hand washes and vigorous rubbing to test it) plus the colour is lovely- it was a bit of a wild guess as I picked it out from the online 'swatches' but I'm really pleased with this one, it's 04 Pink Princess; a deepish pink shade :)

And the gift with purchase is lovely too- you get a pink purse/ make up bag with two nail polishes (Disco Pink and Intense Plum), the teeniest Kohl Pencil I've ever seen in black and a sample of Masterpiece Max mascara (in black). I like the polishes (not particularly daring shades) and I like trying out new mascaras- and this one has odd little soft rubber bristles (I'll let you know how I get on with it!) and it's handy as I think my lovely 17 mascara is on the way out...

Intense Plum, Masterpiece Max Mascara,
Kohl Pencil and Disco Pink

What have you been purchasing recently? Have you given in and bought Fantasy Fire?



  1. Replies
    1. Definitely! I love all the things I got :)

  2. I wonder if there's a US retailer I can get Fantasy Fire from. Hmmm. I do want it since others have taken such a liking to it xP I'll probably splurge on it later this semester. Not just yet though. I have too many colors!!


    PS I post with a ton of different identities on this xD It's whatever I'm logged into at the moment. I need to work on using just one haha.

    1. We could do a swap if you'd like? I'm still lusting after Revlon Whimiscal and I'll hapily buy a new bottle of Fantasty Fire to post to you :)

      Hehe I know, luckily I've worked out that they're all you!



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