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The Hunger Games Tag!

I saw this tag on Affordable Treats (I swear there are tonnes of bloggers named Louise, which is odd because I've only met about two other Louise's in my whole real life!) and decided that I had to do it myself, and when better to post it than today, in celebration of the film release :) My sister saw the film last night at an 8pm showing and she loved it! She said it was very close to the books which means I'll probably like it too (thank goodness!)

Please be aware, I WILL BE POSTING SPOILERS TO ALL THREE BOOKS!!! If you've not read the whole trilogy please don't read any further, I don't want to ruin the story for you (it's awesome, go read them now!)

Now onto the questions:

1) What is your favourite book in The Hunger Games trilogy?

I think the second book (Catching Fire) is my favourite which is pretty unusual for a trilogy- often the middle book is the boring filler/give lots of information book, but with this trilogy I think Catching Fire has a good balance of exciting Hunger Games action, and interesting political developments- plus you know the characters so much better than in the first book :)

2) How long would you last in the games?

Well I'm not a very fast runner, and I'm rather small so I'm not sure I'd last long if hand to hand combat was necessary, but like Katniss I'm actually quite good with a bow and arrow or a crossbow, so I could kill people that way, and I've done a LOT of camping so I'd probably be able to survive OK if I wasn't killed immediately. My tactic may actually be to run away and hide very well so that everyone else could kill each other off and I'd win by default!

3) What the strangest thing you thought would happen in the book, but didn't?

I originally thought that they might escape The Games towards the end of the first book, and somehow end up on the run for the other two- though I suppose I wasn't too far off the mark as that did sort of happen in the second book.

4) How were you introduced to The Hunger Games?

Basically my sister and her tumblr obsession- she kept seeing it everywhere and persuaded me to reserve them from the library for her. I'd pretty much written them off as another Twilight type of book (i.e. poorly written teen nonsense... and who the HELL decided that vampires sparkle... has Stephenie Meyer not seen Buffy?!?) but when Amy was half-way through The Hunger Games I saw how excited she was by it; and I do mostly trust her judgement so I decided to read myself- I was hooked from about page 3 :)

5) What's your favourite moment in the books?

Oh there are so many... I think the most exciting for me was in Catching Fire when they announced the rules for the 75th Hunger Games- I actually gasped out loud! (then quickly said to Amy- 'no way, are they joking? What the hell?' she laughed at me) I also loved the part in The Hunger Games when Katniss realises what Haymitch wants from her (she kisses Peeta and Haymitch sends her stuff) and in Mockingjay when Katniss shoots Coin instead of Snow.

6) Who is your favourite villain?

Definitely Coin, especially because half the time you don't really realise that she's a villain- she's just so sneaky.

7) Who is your favourite character?

Peeta! Who doesn't love Peeta? He's so lovely (sometimes to a fault) and he does so much for Katniss that I don't think she fully appreciated, plus he went through hijacking and STILL loved her :)

8) What district would you live in?

Possibly 13 (before it was destroyed) or 3 because I think I'd be far more useful with the sciency trades (even if it is physics, not biology) than animals or plants- I'm allergic to way to many of them to function well! Though I'm not terrible with a needle and thread either, so I could do OK in 8.

9) What was the most emotional moment for you?

Another question with so many answers; I am a notorious crier, and I probably find things way more emotional than the average person... I cried when Katniss volunteered to take Prims place at the reaping, I was heartbroken when Rue died (that whole scene with the flowers and the salute and the bread gift had me in floods) I'm pretty sure I cried at the end of The Hunger Games when Peeta and Katniss had the berries, and when the 75th Games was introduced and Katniss knew she'd be going back into the Games...

I could go on but I'd be boring you and I'm sure you get the picture by now- I get very emotionally attached to characters and cry at the slightest hint of something sad or happy or poignant (no I'm not completely emotionally unstable!)

10) What item from home would you bring into the arena with you?

Probably a picture of my family :)

11) What was the most evil plan in the books?

For me that has to be the 75th Hunger Games when they choose the tributes from the winners of previous games... so cruel. Though a very close second is Coin and her general scheming evilness.

12) What are you looking forward to most in the films?

I'm not sure really, I'm mostly just hoping that they're a good adaptation of the books; I cannot stand films where whole chunks of a book are missed out or left completely unexplained (I'm looking at you Harry Potter films) but from what Amy has said I should be happy. I think I'm most looking forward to just 'seeing it all come to life'-  though I have to say I'm almost as desperate to read the books again (I have my own copies on their way to me in the post!)

I tag all Hunger Games fans to answer these questions, they're lots of fun (and really really made me want to re-read the books AND see the film!) let me know if you do it! :)


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