Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Currently Loving (thank goodness it's Spring!)

In the past week or so my skin has been somewhat improved- the weather is finally getting less horrible and my skin is really very happy about it :) Hooray for Spring!

A lot of my current favourite items are, as ever, similar (identical) to many other previous posts, but there are a few things that I've started reaching for much more regularly recently, and a couple of new items that I really love, so I thought I'd share anyway.

For some reason I've been using quite a few single eye shadows a lot recently; especially Natural Collection Milk Chocolate and Barley, and MUA Shade 1. I've also used my e.l.f. Silver Lining quad a lot, I really love the greyish shade in the left corner (you might be able to make out the huge dent I've made in it!) and the dark grey shade is great as a crease/liner colour.

I'm sure I've been extra pale recently, possibly because I've been so tired and busy, so I've used e.l.f. Blusher in Shy almost every day to give myself a naturalish flush- it gives just the right amount of colour to make me look alive! Natural Collection seems to be rather popular with me actually because I've used Rose Bud lipstick almost every day too, I love this shade- and the formula, if I buy any lipsticks in the near future I'm sure it will be more Natural Collection ones :)

Last but not least, another couple of staples; my e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Coffee (although sadly I think it may be getting a little dry) and 17 Va Va Voom mascara- this has been getting a little drier in the past couple of weeks and it has actually improved it for me, I find the drier formula holds a curl better and is easier to apply.

I have been absolutely addicted to these two lip balms since I purchased them- my Mint Carmex already has quite a dent taken out of it and it's so lovely for deeply moisturising my lips. The MUA Love Heart lip balms are also brilliant, and I think I may have to get more (because I clearly need them...!) because I love the formula and the pigmentation they provide.

It's yet another Body Butter favourite- and this time I've not needed the super-rich Dry/Very Dry formula (again, hooray for Spring) and I've been enjoying the Passion Fruit flavour. I've also used the Body Shops Eau De Toilette quite a bit too- the Lychee Blossom scent is delicious and really gets me in a Spring-like mood :)

I've been trying my very very best to moisturise my cuticles at least once a day in the past couple of weeks (I hope you can tell!) and this Cath Kidson Rose Cuticle Cream is lovely to use, because it's not an oil it's much nice to use during the day as it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a residue everywhere I touch!

I received this lovely item last week as part of the giveaway prize from the lovely Rachel, and I am totally in love. This makes brushing my hair after washing it SOOO much easier. I don't use it much on dry hair, simply because I have really long hair and my regular hair brush is at least twice the size and much faster, but I can brush through wet hair in about 10 seconds flat with this- totally amazing! :)

In other favourites- it's probably no surprise that the Hunger Games is a top favourite, I forgot to give you an update, but I finished reading Mockingjay on Thursday and I love it! The trilogy as a whole is amazing (I think the second book is my favourite) and I think everyone should read it! (especially before they see the film!)

I've also rewatched a few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently, and I forgot just how awesome that is. I'm still gradually working my way through the Harry Potter audio books- read by Stephen Fry- and I'm on The Order of the Phoenix at the moment, I think I could listen to Stephen Fry reading out the phone book... but it is fun to hear Harry Potter read aloud :)

What are you loving at the moment?

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  1. Ohh that lychee blossom scent sounds amazing! I need to find something similar around here, I absolutely love fruity florals haha.

    1. It is! I'm not usually a fan of sweet/fruity type scents but this is awesome :) I hope you can find it or something similar!


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