Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Challenge Week 23: Spring!

As I mentioned on Sunday I've been having a bit of a crazy week- so I'm sorry I haven't seen posting much but I've had other priorities, I hope things (and posting) will return to normal soon :)

So this weeks 52 week challenge theme is Spring! Now that we're well and truly into March it's finally the end (in theory) of the horrible, cold Winter weather (woohoo!!!) and I'm quite pleased that I've done this manicure today because the weather has been lovely here- very sunny and not too cold, I think it really is Spring :)

I don't know about you but Spring reminds me of pastel colours and flowers- so I decided to combine the two ideas and add abstract flowers in pastel shades :) I used Models Own Pro in Yas-Mint as a base, dotted lots of flower shapes and finished them off white centres in Models Own Snow White.

I used a fairly large dotting tool and added flowers at random (I was watching TV and not paying too much attention!) but I really love how it turned out- I know the flowers aren't particularly neat but I think it's part of the charm, it makes me think of wallpaper that might decorate a child's bedroom (I think my sister actually had something similar on her walls a while ago!) :)

Models Own Yas-Mint, Models Own Lemon Meringue, Revlon Peach Smoothie,
e.l.f. Light Pink, No7 Lucky Lilac, Models Own Beth's Blue and Snow White.

What does Spring remind you of? Are you happy to see the back of Winter? (I really am!)


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  1. aw cute flowers, love all the spring time colours you ahve used x

    1. Thank you :) Yeah I'm so excited to have an excuse to use all my pastels, I love them!


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