Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Review: 17, George, Primark, Natural Collection and Nails Inc polishes!

Sorry for the mega-lateness of this post, it's been a bit of a mad day... Anyway, I thought it was about time I finished off my nail polish brand review series (despite the fact that I now have some Models Own Pro polishes that will be reviewed soon) and as there are only a few brands left- and I only have a couple of each- I thought I'd do a mini-review for them all in one post!

First up is 17 polishes: I only have one (the Supreme Shine in Wave), but I really love it (and chances are I'll be getting more) The formula is pretty standard- very similar to that of Barry M- and relatively long wearing. But the real selling point for me is the brush: the 'maxi brush' is very wide and flat, making it really easy to coat my nails quickly and evenly. Plus the top is nice and long too, so even I can apply polish without making a mess! :)

Top view.
Side view.

George at Asda have had their own beauty range for quite some time now, and although I've not tried any of their make up products, I do rather like their nail polishes. I got mine when they were £1 each, but I think they are now £1.50- for 5ml that does seem quite expensive (well, compared to e.l.f. which are the same price for 10ml) but the colour range is brilliant (you may remember my haul post when I first got Movie Star and I couldn't stop looking at it!) and the polishes are pretty good too. The formula is a little on the thicker side (more like Models Own) but they still apply nicely, and become even and opaque after a couple of coats. One problem with these is that there is no ball inside the bottle, and the formula can get gloopy and separated after a while- and it's quite hard to mix it back up. I also like the top to these polishes, they're quite long and tapered (like the No7 tops) which make them easy to use.

White Manicure, Be Mine, Shipwrecked, Movie Star.

Next is the Primark Glo Baby Glo polishes (which I assume is to be discontinued along with the rest of the Primark Beauty range) I quite like the two polishes I have from this range, there's nothing particularly special to say about them; pretty standard brush and formula, though for £2 (and often on sale- I think mine were only about 75p) that's understandable. I really love the colour of Cornflour, and it lasts pretty well (usually at least a day and a half before I get any tip-wear) If they are being discontinued I'm hoping I can spot some more nail polish bargains.

Pinky 'n' Flirty and Cornflour

I think Natural collection is a brand that is overlooked a lot (as I've said before, in my review of their eyeshadows) but I really like their products- they are very reasonably priced (all under £2 each, and usually on 3 for £5 offer) and are good quality: their polishes are no exception. The bottles are cute and small (containing 8ml of product) with a standard brush (with quite a short top) and a pretty standard formula too- though they do seem to last quite a long time on my nails. I've had a couple of these polishes for rather a long time now (probably at least 5/6 years) and they are showing no signs of gloopyness or separation. I really like Lunar haze as a topcoat, as it adds a lovely iridescent purple colour.

Cosmic Crush, Lunar Haze, Pink Manicure.

Lastly we have Nails Inc. This a pretty pricey brand (£11 for a 10ml bottle) so I've only ever had freebie polishes- one from a Glamour magazine about 3 years ago, and one from the recent Dove deal. The formula (despite costing 10x more than my beloved e.l.f) is really nothing particularly special, it does last better than a lot of other brands I've used- probably at least 3 days before tip-wear, but I'm not convinced that makes them worth the extra cost. I have the same problem with the bottles as I do with Models Own (though I think they are slightly smaller)- the circular top may look pretty but I find it really hard to grip onto and paint my nails with. Tate is a lovely classic red shade- great for toenails :)

Copacabana (a limited edition) and Tate (permanent shade)

So thats the end of my nail polish review series (about time too!) I hope you enjoyed it, and at least found some posts useful :) If there are any polishes you'd like a closer look at please let me know and I'll be happy to swatch them for you (any excuse to paint my nails really...)

What's your favorite nail polish brand?



  1. Fab review :) I too dislike the tops of Nails Inc and Models Own x

  2. Thank you :) I'm really glad I'm not the only one!


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