Saturday, 3 September 2011

Review: Natural Collection Eyeshadows.

After I bought some new Natural Collection Solo eyeshadows I realised that these little beauties seem to be overlooked by the blogging world- and I'm not really sure why, I really like them!

I have built up a little collection of both the solo and the duo eyeshadows. They are great products, available in a range of mostly natural colours which as fantastic for the price- £1.99 for the duos, and £1.79 for the solos- plus, Boots almost always have Natural Collection on a 3 for £5 offer- which is even better! Each duo contains 5g of product (twice as much as the e.l.f. quads) but I'm not sure about the solos- definitely good value for money.

As you may be able to tell (with White Opal in particular) I've had some of these for quite some time, and they are still well loved, go-to products for me :)

Starlight/Midnight, Mink/Sable, Cocoa/Strawberry, Vanilla/Plum

White Opal, Barley, Milk Chocolate

The texture and quality is very good; very similar to the e.l.f. quads actually. They are all fairly smooth and easy to apply, and last well (as always, I use e.l.f. regular line primer) on my lids without fading or creasing- it always lasts until I take it off!

As with most brands, some shades are more pigmented than others; the black is not that pigmented (but as I've mentioned before, I quite like that, as I find it easier to build up the colour I want) but I like that they are not full of glittery chunks (though White Opal does have some glitter, it's very fine)- instead they have a really nice satiny finish.

Starlight/Midnight and Mink/Sable
Cocoa/Strawberry and Vanilla/Plum

White Opal, Barley, Milk Chocolate

For me the only problem with these eyeshadows is the packaging and durability. They look pretty enough-nothing special- white plastic with the clear tops- and I am not bothered by make up packaging anyway, but they are not very sturdy at all. My White Opal solo eyeshadow smashed to smithereens after just a couple of trips in my make up bag (which, when you consider what my e.l.f. quads went through in my backpack for 3 months, is not that great) I could probably re-pot it properly- there are enough youtube tutorials- but I'll survive! Also, a lot of my duo pans have fallen out of their plastic casing (I fixed them with a tiny blob of blu-tac in the bottom to stick them back in, and if I wanted to, superglue would be a lot more permanent!) which is rather annoying as they can rattle around and smash a lot easier.

Overall, I definitely recommend everyone to give these a try- I know they are supposedly aimed more at young teens, and are quite simply/ boringly packaged, but the products inside are really great quality (at a low price) and are well worth a look :)

What are your thoughts on Natural Collection eyeshadows?


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