Monday, 12 September 2011

Review: Moschino Couture! Eau de Parfum.

The first perfume I ever bought is Moschino Couture. I first smelled this in the Bullring in Birmingham about 5/6 years ago and I loved it so much the sales girl gave me a free sample, It took me a really long time to get around to buying it- perfume is expensive and I find it really hard to justify spending so much on one item- but I eventually got it about 3 years ago (ended up going the whole hog and getting 100ml!) for I think about £30/40.

I have to say that perfume is one of the few items that I am drawn to by the packaging- usually I go for good products (especially after I've read reviews) and don't care about what the packaging may be like, but because there are so many perfumes to choose from (in Boots, and Duty free shops, where I do most of my perfume sniffing) I find myself testing the ones with the prettiest bottles first. Obviously I'll only buy a perfume if I love the fragrance, but I often feel that I'm probably missing out on some beautiful scents just because they have horrible bottles... Anyway, I'm not too sure about the velvety ribbon around the neck of this bottle, but the bottle itself is lovely, I really like the heart shaped top, and the indented section in the middle- pretty and rather classic :)

With base notes of Cedar, Vanilla and Benzoin (whatever the heck that is... apparently it has a woody scent) and a pepper top note, this is definitely rich and warm scent, but it also has mandarin and bergamot (a type of orange) top notes, as well as peony and jasmine- giving it a fresh and slightly floral edge.

I find that I have to wait about 10 minutes after application before this fragrance really starts to smell amazing on me (not a perfume I like to spray as I walk out the door) and once it's on, it will last all day (I can often still smell it faintly the next day too) and still smells lovely after many hours. I also like to spray a little on my pashmina (especially when I'm travelling, I find it calming and homely) and it will last aaaages on that too :)

I really love this- I prefer to wear it during the winter months, because of the deep woody and spicy scents- it reminds me a lot of being snuggled up in blankets with candles and an open fire when it's cold outside- the smell just makes me feel cosy :) At the same time, it's also a sophisticated and sensual scent, a really good one for black tie and evening events.

I wish I could tell you to go and smell it, but I think it was discontinued a while ago :( You might be able to find some online somewhere, but it's a good job I still have lots left!

I hope I did OK at describing the scents- it's really hard!

Does anyone else actually have this? I feel like no one else has heard of it- which is a shame!



  1. I have it and am running low. I am astounded by how much some are asking for it now and hesitate to grab it for that reason. Why oh Why did Moschino discontinue this!

  2. I agree totally with you, I took it on my honeymoon thinking, i had it for a while and I can use it up there and its so cute looking and dinky. Boy, do I wish I could find it for cheaper (see some people quote 100+ in POUNDS yikes!


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