Thursday, 15 September 2011

Review: Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum.

This is the second perfume I own, I got it last Christmas at LAX airport on the way home from 3 months travelling. It was a splurge at a time where I had no money (travelling is very expensive!) but I decided to go a bit mad and treat myself (something I rarely do, usually I'm quite sensible with my money) as I'd been wanting it for a really long time, and I thought it would be a nice way to remember my trip. I bought 50ml for approx £40 (I bought it in US Dollars, and I'm not sure what the actual exchange rate was then) but I think it retails for around £54 in UK stores.

I was first drawn to this perfume by its beautiful bottle; I really like the simple hexagonal design and the little cord bow- even the box it comes in is lovely, a sleek white exterior with a black and gold trim (which you can see here) and the classic Flora print lining the inside. The second I smelled it I fell absolutely in love. From then on I obsessively sprayed it every time I went anywhere near a perfume shop, hoping to find a really discounted bottle I could buy. I also adore the advertisements for it, the model (Abbey Lee) almost looks like a flower as she becomes enveloped in her flowing dress. Everything about this perfume is just wonderful. Obsessed much? Me?

The scent itself is deep, sensual and floral (well it'd have to be with a name like Flora...) It has top notes of citrus and peony, giving it a nice fresh scent to begin with, but as the middle notes of rose and osmanthus (a sweet smelling Japanese flower) and the base notes of sandalwood, pink pepper and patchouli begin to come through, the scent (on me, at least) becomes much deeper and reminds me of a kind of floral incense.

Flora is mostly described as a light and fresh scent, but my skin turns it into a much deeper scent which I absolutely love. I usually don't like floral scents- they make my sneeze and they tend to smell old-ladyish on me... but this one really works for me. I think if the base notes were different, less woody and heavy, I wouldn't like the perfume at all, but the base notes complement the top notes and give it a nice balance between the fresh and light, and the deeper and more sensual; it seems to suit me well.

I quite like this perfume for day and night, and in all seasons (not that I care too much about the 'rules' of when to wear what) and it easily lasts all day. Unlike my Moschino Couture! the scent smells amazing from the second of application, and doesn't take time to 'settle' into my skin.

This one you CAN go and smell (it's definitely still available, and I think it's starting to come down in price) and I really recommend that you do, I love it!

What are your thoughts on Flora by Gucci, ever tried  it?



  1. I've never tried Flora by Gucci...but based on the description you wrote, it sounds like a scent I would like! The bottle is so cute too.

  2. It's definitely worth testing! Let me know what you think once you've tried it :)


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