Friday, 30 September 2011

Review: Burberry Body Eau De Parfum.

There have been quite a few reviews on this perfume, as Burberry did a huge ad campaign (with the beautiful Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely as their poster-girl) and gave away 1000s of free samples via their facebook page (they may still  be available- it's worth a look!) So a few weeks ago I received a 4.5 ml sample of Burberry Body in the post- in a lovely tiny sized version of the bottle (I was very impressed considering it's a free sample) and I am pleasantly surprised at the scent.

The packaging of this perfume is rather lovely- the bullet shaped bottle; very simple with a rose gold lid and lettering. Even the perfume itself is an understated nude shade.

From what I heard from others before I got this, I wasn't sure if I would like it or not- as it is definitely a more sweet, floral and fruity fragrance than I usually go for- but actually, I do rather love it.

There are freesia and peach top notes: the peach in particular is quite strong, and gives a nice fruity scent. I really like the peach, and it makes a change from the more common citrus notes. The middle notes are rose and iris, which is where the floral edge comes from. The base notes are probably all familiar if you have read my previous perfume reviews (my two favorites especially: Moschino Couture! and Flora by Gucci) and include sandalwood, musk, vanilla and amber.

I have to say that whilst it is fruity, it also manages to not be excessively sweet (which I dislike, and it doesn't suit me) is one that I like. On my skin the peach and (unsurprisingly) the base notes are what stand out, and the perfume mellows into a soft fruity fragrance quite quickly- the scent reminds me a little of spiced, cooked peaches. This perfume is actually the perfect scent for autumn, it's a lovely balance of the fruity and floral, and the deeper more sensual scents.

If you can get your hands on a sample I definitely recommend it; though the full size bottles start at £45 for 35ml- on the more expensive size for a perfume. Perhaps one for you Christmas list?

Did you get a sample of Burberry Body? What do you think?


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