Saturday, 17 September 2011

Nail of the Day: An Orange/Red Ombre.

Sorry for posting two NOTD posts in a row, I usually like to spread posts out, but I am SO excited about todays manicure I simply had to share immediately!

I've been thinking about doing 'ombre' nails for a while, and today I got out my two little drawers of nail polishes and (as I often do) just looked at my collection waiting for inspiration to pop into my head. When I noticed that I have 5 colours that work nicely together (I may also have a green set I need to try later on) I had to attempt the ombre trend!

e.l.f. Dark Red, e.l.f. Light Red, Nails Inc Copacabana
Models Own Pro Clementine and Revlon Scented Peach Smoothie.

I think it's a little different to a lot of ombre looks, as it fades from deep red to pale orange, rather than just from a dark to a light shade of the same colour. I love it anyway- so pretty! :)

I'm definitely a big fan of this look, it's the sort of thing that looks very cool (and like you tried hard on your nails) but really doesn't take any effort to do! I think I might add some nail art or a konad stamp over the top of this, I'll update you if I do! :)

What do you think of the ombre trend?


p.s. Get me with two 'on trend' nail posts, I'm so 'in'-  Ha!

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