Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Nail of the Day: Models Own Pro- Midnight Blue (I finally painted my nails again!!!)

As you may have read in previous posts (I've complained about it quite a bit... sorry!) my camping trip on the August bank holiday weekend completely ruined my nails. Over the past week I've given them a nice rest from polish and lots of TLC; and now I'm happy to report that they are nice and healthy again- in fact, I think they look better than they have done in ages :)

Naturally I had to use one of the new Models Own Pro polishes that I won (I won 6 from a facebook giveaway; you can see them all here) and Midnight Blue is the obvious choice- it was love at first sight. On first glance at the bottle I thought ''nice colour, but I bet it looks pants on my nails'' but I was (happily) very wrong. This is one of those (rare) gems where the polish looks just as pretty on the nails as it does in the bottle- all the shimmery beauty is transferred and 3 coats gives full, even coverage (2 would have been passable, but I find that 3 just evens out the colour perfectly) I love the shade- it's a beautiful dark blue with lots of different shades of blue (from very dark blue to bright turquoise) glitter/shimmer particles (very small and not gritty-feeling)

I got overexcited and took a lot of photos... then I couldn't decide which ones to use... so here's 4 of them!

I'm having one of those 'distracted by my nails' moments when typing- it is just SO PRETTY!!! :)

I really like the formula of the Pro range so far- it is thinner and easier to use then the regular Models Own polishes (though I am only basing that on the 6 swatches and 1 mani I've done so far) and I prefer the square top to the round one for application (which I mentioned in my Models Own polish review) Once I've used these a bit more- and I'm sure it won't take long, Yas-Mint is next on my list- I'll post my review on the Pro polishes.

What are your thoughts on the Pro range?



  1. I know! I'm not even 100% convinced the pictures do it justice- I still can't stop staring! :)


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