Friday, 2 September 2011

(my sisters) Nail of the Day: Pink Stars (with e.l.f. Light Pink)

As I've already mentioned/complained, my nails are still in a bit of a sorry state and while I'm trying my best to get them back into shape (with copious amounts of cuticle oils) I really miss painting my nails- so I did my sisters instead!

Because she is obsessed with pink (I was hoping she would've grown out of it by now...) I was forced to choose a pink polish- and what better than e.l.f.s Light Pink- it's shimmery too! (two coats were enough to cover her nails) Next I added little dots of e.l.f. Clear polish to the top corners in order to stick on the pink stars. The wooden sticks helped with star application a lot, and once I was happy with the placement I added a coat of Sally Hansen InstaDri, and we're done (good job too, my sister does not like to sit still!) Here are the pretty results

e.l.f. Light Pink
 I really like the nail art kit I found in the pound shop- the little wooden sticks are very good for applying the sparkles, and you definitely can't fault the variety of decorations it includes for just £1 :)

What are your thoughts on nail art decorations?


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