Friday, 16 September 2011

(my sisters) Nail of the Day: A Mattified Minty Fresh (Plus a little review of the No7 Matte Top Coat)

Matte polish is supposedly very 'in' for this autumn, and for once it's a trend I really like. Matte nails make a nice change from the typical glossy finish, and is a very easy effect to create (no fancy nail art, it's just another coat of polish!)

I've had the No7 Matte topcoat for quite a while (I think it came out sometime last summer?) and I really like it; it creates an even matte effect in one coat, and it dries super-fast. It does make nail polish chip a lot faster than other top coats, but I've heard that all matte coats do this. Most brands have a matte top coat nowadays- e.l.f. has one for £1.50. But I can't find the No7 one on the Boots website, I hope they haven't discontinued it (especially as Boots have £5 off No7 vouchers again.

Anyway, onto the pictures. I persuaded my sister to use the matte top coat, and we both decided that a simple, non-shimmery polish would be best to show off the effect- No7 Minty Fresh was an obvious choice (she hadn't tried it out herself yet) and I think pastely colours look particularly lovely mattified.

And what it looks without the matte coat.

What do you think of matte nails? Are you a fan of the trend?



  1. I've a matte top coat but never seem to use it. I should though because I do like this look :)

  2. Yeah I sort of forgot about mine for a while (until I saw matte nails popping up again)- definitely planning to use it more again too! :)


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