Friday, 9 September 2011

My Perfume 'Collection'.

I say 'collection' because I only really have 2 perfumes- I'm very fussy when it comes to scents, partly because, well, I'm just plain fussy... and partly because I have a sensitive nose which sneezes at the hint of a strong smell- I've chosen them both very carefully (sniffed and sprayed countless times in Boots before I purchased...) and I am very happy with them both.

I was spurred on to do this post by the little sample or Burberry Body I got in the post last week (like many other bloggers, I requested a sample from the Burberry Facebook page) and sniffing my sample, and reading the variety of responses and reviews it got from bloggers I follow, it got me thinking about the kinds of perfumes I like.

Perfume is a funny thing to blog about really- it blends with an individuals body chemistry and therefore can smell very different from person to person; what smells lovely on someone else might smell horrible on me- and vice versa. My skin tends to turn perfume a lot more musky, which means that really fruity/light fragrances end up smelling a little bit weird on me... and actually I don't like them much anyway, I much prefer deeper, more 'sensual' scents- which seems to suit my natural scent (that sounds a little bit too much like I'm talking about BO... you know what I mean!) a lot more.

My mini-collection: Flora by Gucci, Moschino Couture and Chanel No5

As you can see I still have the boxes of each perfume- I'm a very good girl with my perfume storage- they live in their boxes in a cool drawer (not that anywhere in my room is actually warm...) to protect them from sunlight and heat. I would love to display them; the Flora by Gucci bottle in particular is very pretty, but I also want them to last as long as possible, and I'm just too sensible to allow my lovely perfumes to be damaged, even if that means they must live in a drawer :(

The whole concept behind perfumery is really fascinating to me; combining scents together in different quantities to make new perfumes (it's like a fun version of chemistry!) and bottling them to make people smell nice- what an amazing job. Anyway, perfumers like to break down the smells in perfumes as 'notes':

Base notes are the deep, rich scents that often take a while to emerge, and will last the longest on the skin: they are usually scents like sandalwood, vanilla or musk. (I think these scents are the ones most affected by a persons individual body chemistry)

Middle notes are often called the 'heart' of a perfume, and are often warm and  floral scents- forming the main components of what a perfume smells like.

Top notes are what you initially smell in a perfume, and are often citrus or other fruity scents. These scents are the first to evaporate off your skin, which is why it's important to test a perfume for several hours before purchasing- it may turn into a scent you don't like!

I had planned to have my reviews for each perfume in this post, but I started writing and it turns out I can waffle about perfumes quite a lot, so they can each have their own post, and will be saved for a later date :) I know errfume is not something that is easily described over the internet, though I will try my best (If only smelly-vision were real) so look out for my perfume reviews coming soon :)

What's your favorite perfume? and why?



  1. I am addicted to perfumes! I too keep them in their boxes in a drawer! :) Best way!

  2. Yay! What are your faves? I'm glad other people do this too :)

  3. Im a perfume addict! I have a perfume for every mood! Infact i was looking at my collection the other day and have been mulling over doing a blog post in dedication to my favourite - chanel no.5 its just a classic. Not an every day perfume though! I didnt get my sample of burberry, it accepted my request for a sample, but like many things recently it seems to have ended up in royal mail's black hole!

  4. You should- I love reading about perfume! I don't know if I like Chanel No5 actually (look out for my post on it)How strange, yeah it's probably stuck in the post- hope it arrives soon!


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