Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Little Models Own Haul!

Yay! It finally arrived :) I feel like I've waited months for these polishes (because the Models Own site malfunctioned when so many people were ordering, my order was lost, and I had to re-order last week) and I was so happy when I heard the thud of my package coming through the letter box this morning!

Here's what I got:

Without flash (above) and with flash (below)
Jade Stone, Top Turquoise, Snow White, Beth's Blue, Purple Grey

Smash Up Orange

I love them all! Jade Stone is a similar colour to Yas-Mint, but a few shades darker. I absolutely adore Beth's Blue- I now finally understand why it gets so much attention- it's beautiful :) Purple Grey is a little darker than I expected, but it's still a lovely colour. I know the pictures aren't great- my camera was being a bit of a grump- but these pictures do show the true-to-life colours (and I'm sure you'll seem them all in NOTD posts soon enough)

Purple Grey, Beth's Blue, Top Turquoise, Jade Stone

                                         Snow White                                 With Smash Up Orange

I'm really excited to have these- expect many NOTD post featuring them- I got Snow White because I thought it would be a good base for some fun nail art (which I haven't done in a while) and I have lots of ideas ready to test out! :)


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