Thursday, 1 September 2011

I love arriving home to packages!

I got back from Greenbelt on Tuesday (so yes, I should've posted this yesterday, I apologise, my only excuse is exhaustion...) and I was delighted to find my Models Own prize package waiting for me on the kitchen table!

Firstly, how pretty is the packaging?! Models Own have their own branded tissue paper! It was all very neatly wrapped; the big box was inside a postage envelope, and inside the box was another box which actually contained the polishes. Very pretty, and probably very effective at preventing breakage in the post, but the environmentally friendly side of me can't help but complain that it's just a little wasteful...

Here are the six lovely shades I got:

Midnight Blue, Swan Lake, Yas-Mint, Hot Salmon, French Pink, Clementine

Naturally I couldn't wait to test them all out! I didn't bother with any clean up, and my nails are currently in a terrible state (camping should come with a nail-health warning!) so please ignore the poor quality of the swatches, just concentrate on the pretty colours!

I didn't bother to swatch Swan Lake for you, it's a silver glitter with a clear base- a lovely topcoat colour, but nothing particularly special.

I'm really really happy with the colours I have, with possibly the exception of Clementine, as it is almost EXACTLY the same as Models Own Fuzzy Peach (much as I like the colour, I don't think I need two of them!) I think Midnight Blue is my favorite, it's what I wanted No7 Betty Blues to look like- a dark blue with tonnes of shimmery goodness :) Yas-Mint is almost the same as e.l.f.s Mint Cream- which is the one e.l.f. polish that is pretty hard to use (it's a very thin, 4/5 coater) so I'm very glad to have am easy-to-wear dupe.

The only downside now is that I really want to paint my nails, but I also think they need a bit of a rest and some TLC after my camping trip- look out for a NOTD as soon as they are slightly healthier :)

Have you tried any of the Models Own Pro polishes? Do you find them any different to the regular line polishes? So far the only difference I've noticed is that they smell pretty nice on my nails- not strongly like the Revlon scented polishes, but kind of sweet smelling- not like regular polish at all!



  1. Ooo how exciting that you won! Congratulations :) I think that Midnight Blue is my favorite as well. Shame that Models Own isn't sold anywhere that I know of in the United States. I look forward to another NOTD after your nails have recouped from the camping trip!

  2. Thanks! Isn't it lovely! I think that might be the first polish I use actually :) Aww that is a shame, have you tried ebay or anything though- I'm sure it must be around somewhere for you! :)


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