Sunday, 4 September 2011

Currently loving; A no-make-up edition.

The reason I've decided to a make up free currently loving post is definitely not because I'm bored of make up (how could anyone be bored of make up?!) but because I've been in something of a rut this month- perhaps rut is too strong a word (rut implies I'm fed up of it) but It's been a rather busy month and I've been away from home so I've basically just used the items you've seen in my most recent favorites post and my travel make up bag post. So instead I thought I'd do a post devoted to my other favorites or the moment.

For about the hundredth time (probably not too much of an exaggeration...) I'm reading the Harry Potter series again- my sister has finally read them all now (she's not a big fan of reading so it took me a long time to persuade her) and it encouraged me to give them another read too. I'm surprised at how many new things I picked up on actually (like in Chamber of Secrets Harry sees the Opal necklace in Borgin and Bourkes that will curse Katie Bell in Half-Blood Prince) and the story never gets old for me. I'm currently reading the Prisoner of Azkaban, which I think is my favorite of the series :)

On a similarly geeky note, I'm super-super happy that Doctor Who is back! I still don't understand why it had to a have a 'mid-season break' I blame silly Americanisms... Yesterdays episode did creep me out a little bit though (don't worry, I slept alright) those big peg-doll things were horrible! (reminded me a lot of the Clockwork Robots) I know some people (my sister) miss the stand alone adventurey episodes, but I am loving the big story arc thing that they're doing with this series. I'm also developing a bit of a crush on Mr Smith.

Likewise, Torchwood is nearly over and I've been loving that series too- I really do miss The Hub and the now killed-off characters (why did they have to kill Ianto? and Owen? and Tosh?) but the storyline in this series is brilliant and each episode seems better than the last. Plus, the story kinda appeals to the biologist in me (all the medical issues it brings up- like infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance really fascinate me) and looking at John Barrowman for an hour a week is definitely not a chore.

It's no secret that I love musicals (my blog is even sort of named after a character in one) and this month I have listened to 3 soundtracks non-stop: Les Miserables, The Sound of Music and Wicked. These are my 3 absolute favorites, and when I say non-stop, I really mean that they have been playing on repeat constantly- on my computer, or the kitchen CD player, or my mp3 player... (I may or may not have Wicked on right now) I know all the words and (if I could sing) I could sing along perfectly to every song, but it doesn't stop me listening to them!

I'm not sure if I could've gotten through August without the wonder of caffeine- I've been super busy (which means little time for sleep) and also suffered with a little insomnia (when I have time to sleep- I can't!) so I've consumed perhaps a little too much coffee... But it has kept me awake and alert and actually able to do all the things that kept me busy, and I also love the taste. I am an addict but I'm OK with that thanks.

I wish I had the time and patience to make real coffee and decorate the top... but I mostly just drink instant :(

And finally, I've always loved scarves (I have about 2 drawers full of various ones) but this month I've used a lot of pashminas. If I could, I'd have one in every possible colour- and I think I could justify it because they're so practical! This month I've found the following uses for mine: scarf (obviously), hood (for protecting clean hair against inevitable bank holiday rain) picnic blanket, seat cover, cardigan replacement, pillow, a towel and a blindfold.


What are your favorite non-make up item this month? Are there any more uses for a pashmina I should know about?



  1. Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite as well, always has been! While studying abroad I bought the UK copy along with Goblet of Fire as the cover art is so different than the US. Wicked is perfectly delightful as well :)

  2. I've never understood why America has different cover art- the originals are so much better! (though there are some really cool covers in some eastern European countries) Yay another Wicked fan!! :)


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