Tuesday, 13 September 2011

An Autumn Wish List...

As I'm sure you've seen on many other blogs, a lot of brands are starting to release new products and collection for the autumn and winter months. I'm quite excited about some trying out a few things (I think I need a shopping trip to see things in the flesh) and I thought I'd share my wish list with you (and for once they are things I can actually afford- much more down-to-earth picks this time!) :)

1) Garnier BB Cream- (Full Name: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B. Blemish Balm Cream) if you haven't already heard (have you been in hiding?) BB creams were made popular in Asia, and Garnier is the first company to bring them to the UK high street (though I have a feeling many others will follow) This Blemish Balm is marketed as an all singing, all dancing product: providing moisturisation, SPF and a light coverage. It can be used alone for a light coverage (like a tinted moisturiser) or as a primer for foundation.

The RRP is £9.99 for 50ml, but I believe Boots has it at £8.99 and Superdrug at £7.99. I'm not entirely convinced the Light shade (there is also a medium shade, but unfortunately nothing to cater for those with darker skin) will be light enough for me- I have very cool toned skin, and everything usually seems too orangey for me, but I cannot wait to have a look!

On the Garnier theme, I'm still yet to try the eye roll-on, I really must get around to it soon, I think I'd love it! (I do have terrible under eye circles)

2) 17 Magnetized Nail Polish. This looks so cool! There will be 4 shades (grey, purple, green and blue) Each polish comes with a magnet in the bottle top- which you hold over your wet nails to create the pattern. The science geek in me really needs to know how they work- I'll do some research! I'm not sure what the price will be, but as it's a 17 product I don't think it'll be much above £5. 

17 also have a couple of new crackle colours out- a lovely deep purple and a black with gold glitter for £3.99 each (which I wouldn't mind purchasing either!) as well as some new eyeshadow trios and polishes in autumnal (I really love that word) shades.

3) Vivo Cosmetics. not so much a 'new for autumn' collection- as it's a whole new brand. It hit Tesco stores on the 1st of September, and bloggers have been raving ever since- their products have had a lot of comparisons to MAC and there is a whole range of things I've love to see in real life (they don't even seem to have a website!)

4) Bourjois 10 Days Nail Enamel. (yes, more nail polish...) I'm not sure when this came out, the Bourjois website still says it's 'new' and I've not seen it in stores yet, but I'm sure I saw blog posts about it months ago... Anyway, a polish that claims to last for 10 whole days has my attention- as I've said many times before I am very rough on my nails and as a result my polish gets chipped. I'm not conviced this will last 10 days, but it does sound promising. There are 12 shades (mainly in the red/pink family) and retails for £5.99 (9ml)

That's all I can think of for the moment, though I have to say it's usually the sparkly Christmassy things that I get most excited about, so I think my wish list will be really long by November!

What's on your Autumn Wish List? (is there anything else I should be adding to mine?)



  1. I've never heard of magnetized nail polish...that looks so cool! I really want to try the Garnier BB Cream too but its not available in the US yet =(

  2. I hadn't either until very recently- apparantly it's been around a while though (I think lots of random little brands do them which is why we've never heard of them!) :) I'm sure you'll get it there soon!


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