Thursday, 29 September 2011

52 week nail challenge!!!

I came across the 31 day nail challenge a few days ago (on this blog) but much as I love the idea, I know my nails (and my time and patience) can't take being re-painted every day to take part. Instead I've come up with 52 different themes and I plan to do one each week. There's a really awesome nail art community on a website called Reddit- the RedditLaqueristas group, and I've posted the list on there- so if you'd like to join in there will be a little box at the top of that page with the most recent 52 week challenge theme each week, where lots of people (hopefully) will be posting their take on the theme- I'd love to see all your nail art there too :)

I'll be posting all my nail art looks here on my blog, so you'll get to see mine each week anyway :) The day I post it will probably vary depending on when I get time to paint my nails (and I'll probably do more than one NOTD post per week as I usually do)

Here are the themes!

week no. / date / theme:

03-Oct  pink
2 10-Oct  inspired by colour
3 17-Oct  gradient
4 24-Oct  Halloween
5 31-Oct  metallic
6 07-Nov nudes/browns
7 14-Nov inspired by a tutorial
8 21-Nov taping
9 28-Nov rainbow
10 05-Dec winter
11 12-Dec violet
12 19-Dec Christmas
13  26-Dec new years
14 02-Jan    black and white
1509-Jan    inspired by song
16 16-Jan    splatter
17 23-Jan    red
18 30-Jan    inspired by movie/TV
19 06-Feb   polka dot
20 13-Feb   valentines day
21 20-Feb   green
22 27-Feb   inspired by flag
23 06-Mar spring
24 13-Mar kawaii
25 20-Mar inspired by pattern
26 27-Mar pastel
27 03-Apr Easter
28 10-Apr yellow
29 17-Apr inspired by fashion
30 24-Apr galaxies
31 01-May neon/bright
32 08-May flowers
33 15-May orange
34 22-May half moon
35 29-May inspired by food
36 05-Jun  summer
37 12-Jun  delicate print
38 19-Jun  inspired by technology
39 26-Jun  stripe
40 03-Jul  glitter
41 10-Jul  tribal
42 17-Jul  inspired by book
43 24-Jul  water marble
44 31-Jul  blue
45 07-Aug french manicure
46 14-Aug inspired by artwork
47 21-Aug animal print
48 28-Aug matte
49 04-Sep autumn
50 11-Sep newspaper
51 18-Sep inspired by supernatural/sci-fi
52 25-Sep grey

I am SOOOO excited about this, not only will it solve my terminal indecisiveness (I can never decide what to do with my nails) but it will also challenge me to do designs that I haven't yet tried, and get better at techniques I can already (sort of) manage.

What do you think of the challenge? Will be joining in?


p.s. Did I mention how ridiculously EXCITED I am about this? YAY!!! :)


  1. :) can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Thank you :) Are you going to join in too?

  3. I probably could do the 30 day one, but haven't gotten around to it yet. This one however seems more flexible :)

  4. You should join in too! :)


  5. This sounds like a great idea.Can't wait to try it :)

  6. I'm glad you like it :) Let me know when you start, I'd love to see your weekly nail art!

  7. Oh my gosh this is so exciting!
    I'm not keeping the same schedule as yours because I only recently developed my passion for nail art from "oh look, pretty nails" to "I must teach myself all this jargon and go all-out, all the time"

    Haha the point of this is, I want to do this challenge. It is how I keep myself interested/motivated, and I do it for other things too. Ambitious writing/design I figured why not a nail art extension.

    If you want to keep track, I'm setting everything up on

  8. Oh thats awesome, welcome to the world of nail art :) I'm glad this challenge has inspired you-I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  9. Woah, quick reply! Thank youu, I'll try not to disappoint.

  10. Hehe I just happen to be spending the evening at my computer :) I'm sure you wont! When are you planning to start?

  11. Well October 31st is Metallic, so I'll be starting with metallic and ending with a super amazing Halloween nail art next year that will hopefully be a vast improvement from what I know now.

  12. Ohh awesome, we'll still be on the same schedule! :)

  13. This is genius! I don't have the time to commit to any of the daily challenges out there but weekly I can do! I will probably almost definitely be trying this out. If I do I'll probably change the week numbers so week 1 is the week I start but I won't change the date/theme order and I'll post a link to your blog giving you credit (if that's ok with you).

  14. Thats exactly why I thought it up- I knew me and my nails wouldn't keep up with daily manicures!

    Of course that's all ok with me- I'm really glad you're joining in, and it's great that you'll still be on the same schedule :)


  15. I really want to participate in this, have since I found the RedditLaquerista subreddit but it's soo late in the year! Do you think it'll be looping around in October? I don't want to miss out on all the great themes I've been looking through.

    1. You should still join in! I'm not sure what we'll be doing after the 52 weeks are up,(maybe we'll do it again with a new set of themes) but that shouldn't stop you! :)


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