Tuesday, 20 September 2011

10 reasons to love autumn :)

After about a week of full-on rubbishy autumn weather, I've decided to try and focus on some better aspects of the season in an attempt to make me less unhappy about the cold weather, constant rain and depressing dark nights we have to look forward to until next March...

1) Cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay at home, drink Baileys and watch rom-coms (one of my favorite past-times)- a match made in heaven :)

2) Snuggling up on the sofa with a book (another lovely past-time for rainy days) is at least 83% better when accompanied by a lovely blanket. My favorite is one my Grandma crocheted for me, it's a giant (much bigger than my double bed) square in lots of different colours. It's SO cosy :)

3) A new season of make up to oggle over! I've already posted about the new products I'd like to try, but I imagine that even more collections will come out in the run-up to Christmas, along with lovely gift sets and limited edition items.

4) Colder weather means goodbye to 'summer salads' and hello to yummy soup (I'll probably be posting a few recipes soon, I love making soup) and warming deserts. Diets can start in January...

5)  The TV schedule gets SO much better. After weeks of nothing to watch, Downton Abbey, How I Met Your Mother, Greys Anatomy and Castle are all back this week and there's probably a lot more to come too; yay!

6) I'm a massive fan of scented candles, but I always feel a bit silly lighting them during the (supposedly warmer) summer months, so I make the most of the dark nights and make my bedroom smell lovely. I love Ikea tea lights- I have vanilla, apple & cinnamon, desert (which smell like cheesecake, they're amazing!) and strawberry scented ones, and they are only £1.69 for 36! And I also have quite a few Ikea candle holders (also super-cheap and very pretty)


7) Boots! (as in the shoes, not the shop- though I clearly love that too!) I have terrible circulation which makes my hands and feet cold (even in the summer, it's ridiculous) so I jump at any excuse to keep my feet toasty warm inside thick socks and boots- I have two pairs of ankle boots- a grey flat pair, and a black pair with a little heel- and thanks to my slim feet, there is enough space for me to wear two pairs of socks :)

8) Call me crazy, but to me autumn smells really nice- perhaps it's because I can finally smell after a summer of battling with hay fever, but there is something about the fresh smell of fallen leaves that I love :) They're pretty too, I have an enormous pear tree at the end of my garden, and it covers the lawn in a lovely layer of orange leaves every year.

9) Hot chocolate. To be honest I could drink this all year round, but like candles, I feel a bit silly drinking it in the summer, and I think it tastes better when you're cold! I like cinnamon and nutmeg in my hot chocolate with some squirty cream from a can, and chocolate sprinkles on top- heaven!

10) Christmas is coming! Despite being 23, I still get as excited about Christmas as I did years ago. I love the songs, the decorations, gift buying, the TV Christmas specials (especially Doctor Who) the food (Xmas pudding is the absolute highlight of my year!) and everything about it. Now I'm getting excited just thinking about it! Plus I get to watch Love Actually without feeling guilty that I'm watching a Christmas film in July!

Last year I missed out on a lot of the exciting build-up to Christmas, as I was travelling, and didn't return home until 3pm on Christmas Eve- I found it hard to get in a Christmassy mood when I was in New Zealand with lovely weather, so this year I'll probably be even more excited than usual!

I wish my house had an open fire!

I tag all of you to think of your reasons to love autumn! :)



  1. I agree with all of these reasons! I looove Fall! Can't wait to head to Bath and Body Works and pick up some candles. And boots! I need a new pair of those...

  2. I wish I could get my hands on Bath and Body works stuff here, I think I'd love it! Well of course, everyone needs more shoes! :)

  3. This post fills me up with warm fuzzies! I'm even more excited for fall now :)


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