Monday, 1 August 2011

Currently loving (lip and cheek edition)

My eyelids have been misbehaving a little again recently; they've been very dry and have had patches of eczema, so aside from mascara I've been avoiding eye make up, and instead relied upon lip and cheek products to make me look and feel more alive :)

Super Glossy Lip Shine, Conditioning Lip Balm, Candy Shop lip tin,
and lipsticks: No7, e.l.f. mineral and e.l.f. essentials

The Super Glossy Lip Shine is a go-to favorite for me, it went travelling with me last year- which is why is taped up, it got squashed and popped in my bag- and I love it. The shade is Candlelight (I'm fairly sure- but the label fell off) and its a great peachy shade with a pink duochrome, I got it free with one of e.l.f. free gift offers a while ago, and despite using it a lot (and spilling lots over my make up bag in Australia) I've still got loads left which I'm very glad of :)

I'm so sad e.l.f. discontinued the Candy Shop lip tins; they smell delicious, have nice shades and are so cute. I love them all but I think Cherry Bomb is my favorite- it gives a lovely sheer red colour on the lips- enough colour for everyday, but not too much that I have to worry about careful application! I purchased the e.l.f. Studio Conditioning Lip Balm in four colours (shown in this post) I think Nice and Natural is my favorite because, well, it really is nice and natural- a perfect nudish colour. I'm usually a little wary of nude shades, they can make me look positively zombie-like, but this works really well for me.

With flash (above) and without (below)
No7 Classic Rose, e.l.f. Mineral Nicely Nude, e.l.f. essentials Classy.

I have 3 current favorite lipsticks; swatched and photographed above (in the same order) which are all in the pink family. The No7 Luscious lipstick in Classic Rose is rather old (and the Luscious range is discontinued) but from what I can tell the No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Classic Rose may be the same colour (I'll check next time I'm in Boots!) it's a lovely pink shade, with a creamy long lasting formula. Smells a bit like kids play make up though...

I love the e.l.f. Mineral lipsticks, they're so creamy and smooth- they actually feel moisturising like a balm :) This one has a really nice hint of shimmer, and is a great shade for my skin tone. I reviewed the e.l.f. regular line lipstick here, this is the deepest pink shade of the three, and is probably the closest to my actual lip colour (which is quite pigmented considering how pale I am) and is my 'my-lips-but-better' shade.

Posie Tint has made it into my favorites quite a few times now, and I'm sure I don't need to tell you why! It has a lovely pink colour, blends nicely for a natural glowy effect and lasts all day. I recently reviewed the Natio mineral lip and cheek tint, which I also love- very similar to PosieTint but it is a lovely deep rose, almost red, shade with a little shimmer.

The e.l.f. Natural Radiance Blushers are a firm favorite of mine (I think I have all of them- a review will appear soon), the colours are great and they will last the day- this is Shy, a lovely pastel pink shade is my current favorite :)

This 17 blush in Damson Wine is somewhat hard to describe, its a kind of plummy brownish colour, but at the same time dusty pink... It's beautiful though, and it's not actually too warm-toned so it suits me quite well. There is some shimmer in it too, but the shimmer particles are very fine.

I apologise for the excessive length of this post- it turned into a bit of a mini review!

What are your current favorites lip or cheek products?



  1. i love posietint! i'm coming to the end of the mini one that i have...i love it loads, but not sure if i can bring myself to pay £24.50 for a full sized one...! :(

  2. I know, £25 is rather a lot for a tiny product! I guess it would last a long time though...


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