Sunday, 17 July 2011

Well *technically* I didn't buy anything...

...but I did get two new nail polishes. I was shopping in Asda, so naturally I had to browse the make up and beauty aisles I found these two lovely shades that I couldn't resist- and for £1 each I couldn't refuse (despite the fact I'm supposed to be on a 'spending ban' and I can't fit any more polishes into my nail polish drawer!) However I used a £2 voucher to purchase them, so I didn't pay anything, and my 'spending ban' is not broken (that's how it works right?)

Movie Star and Shipwrecked (no flash)


I was thinking about getting a polish very similar to Movie Star (I'm sure it's Rimmel, but I can't work out which one... can anyone help?) but now I'm glad I decided against it- it's a perfect dupe (I compared them both in asda) This is such a gorgeous colour; dark brown with an aubergine duochrome.

I have a fondness for teal colours, and I'm always on the lookout for the 'perfect teal' I have 3 similar-ish shades now, and this is the closest to true teal for me; e.l.f. Totally Teal is really green, and Collection 2000 -Wave is really blue- Shipwrecked is somewhere in the middle.

I'm spending my Sunday watching Harry Potter films with my sister (we're on the 5th film now) and eating Sugar Cookies dunked in hot chocolate :) As well as reading through lots of new blogs and admiring my new nail polishes!

How are you spending your Sunday?



  1. That teal color is so pretty!

    I have given your blog some awards =)

  2. I can't stop staing at Movie Star- the bottle is living on my desk at the moment :)

    Thank you so much! I'll post about them later on

  3. *staring.. why can't I spell today?! xxx

  4. i love those colors so pretty!!
    i also gave you some awards!!

  5. Aww thank you so much glitterskulls :)


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