Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Review: MUA Mosaic Blush (English Rose)

It's time for another review of one of my blush collection- this time my MUA Mosaic blush! I have shade 3 English Rose (shades 1 and 2 are bronzers- I'd love to see more blush shades in the range :) ) It costs £2.50 for 8.9g of product- awesome value! And you can get if from superdrug (in store and online) and the MUA website.

First of all I rather like the packaging- the big clear part in the front makes it easy to see the product inside (not really an issue for me as I only have one, but still- it's a plus!) and although there's not an excessive amount of packaging it is very sturdy (unlike the e.l.f. blushes) and I wouldn't worry about travelling with it :) It's also really easy to use- it just flips open.

The product itself is very good too. It's made up of 4 shades- a dark pink, a lighter pink, a light peachy shade and a lavender shade. The little hexagons are too small to really use one shade alone, but I'm not sure I'd want to anyway- they look lovely swirled together!

The blush isn't actually as shimmery as the above pictures make out (though the colour is pretty accurate!)- it caught the light of the flash a lot! It is on the pale side and wouldn't be a good blush for anyone with darker skin. I think the shade will suit most both cool and warm toned skin (must test it on my sister!) and for darker skin it would probably work really well as a highlight shade :)

It is shimmery, but not at all glittery (yay!) and it is actually quite subtle without a camera flash! I don't like glittery/shimmery products on my face that much, but this is subtle enough for me! Like the e.l.f. blushes they aren't the most pigmented, but as I've said before I do like this as it means I can build up to the colour I want and not look like a clown! It is fairly long lasting, not quite all day but certainly several hours (maybe around 6?) which is usually long enough for me.

Overall I really recommend checking out this blush- pop into superdrug and swatch it for yourself!

What do you think of MUA products? I personally don't see how you couldn't love them!!!



  1. Great review. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. It is! I'm sorry it's only available in the UK :(

  4. It looks so pretty, especially as a highlight!
    Definitely picking up one of these & check out the bronzer's- such good prices xx

    1. It's lovely :) And yes, such good value! I'm sure you'll love it :)


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